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Girl Meets World

  1. revival dreams
    Girl Meets World Is Eyeing a New Home After Disney Channel Cancellation“There are some interested platforms.”
  2. cancellations
    Girl Meets World Meets CancellationNo longer a girl meeting world, never to become a woman meeting world.
  3. renewals
    Girl Meets World Is Headed for High School in Season 3Prepare for more teen drama!
  4. boy meets world
    Mr. Turner Finally Showed Up on Girl Meets WorldGet ready to awwwww.
  5. conversations
    Ben Savage on Girl Meets World“It’s kind of a nod to the Boy Meets World audience, like, ‘It’s okay to come back and join us.’” 
  6. sequels that work
    Realizing the Magic of Girl Meets WorldGood job, everyone. 
  7. tv nostalgia
    Shawn and Cory Reunite on Girl Meets World“I thought you’d be more excited to see me.”
  8. reunions
    Cory and Shawn Will Reunite on Girl Meets WorldAnd Then There Was Shawn.
  9. renewals
    Girl Meets World Will Go On ForeverOr at least another season.
  10. crackpot theories
    Is Mr. Feeny a Ghost on Girl Meets World?Fee-hee-heeny.
  11. wandering down this road that we call life
    Watch the Girl Meets World Opening CreditsA new era begins.
  12. cory and topanga forever
    See the First Clip From Girl Meets WorldLook! It’s Cory and Topanga.
  13. series orders
    Disney Channel Gives Girl Meets World a Series OrderThe Boy Meets World reboot is scheduled to premiere in 2014.
  14. casting couch
    Jackée Harry Joins the Cast of Girl Meets WorldSitcom nostalgias collide.
  15. feeny!
    Mr. Feeny Will Appear in the Girl Meets World PilotFee-naaaaaaaay!
  16. on set
    See Old Friends on the Set of Girl Meets WorldCan you say, “Mr. Feeny?”
  17. generations
    Girl Meets World Update: Here’s Cory and Topanga’s SonMeet your Elliott Matthews.
  18. generations
    Girl Meets World Gets Its ShawnAlso, the original Shawn might be returning after all.
  19. generations
    Cory and Topanga Will Also Have a Son in Girl Meets WorldElliott Matthew, the “thinking man’s jock.”
  20. generations
    Girl Meets World Casts Its Star, Cory and Topanga’s DaughterThe actress reminds creator Michael Jacobs of everything people loved about little Ben Savage.
  21. buzzkills
    Rider Strong Says He’s Not Involved in Boy Meets World SequelBye, dreams come true.
  22. unsolicited advice
    5 Things the Boy Meets World Sequel Needs to DoIt’s more than just “Needs Feeny” listed five times.
  23. boy meets world
    Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel Join the New Boy Meets World SequelGuys, this thing is really happening.
  24. The Complete Guide to Everything: Moving (Part 1)Tom forgets the intro, we talk sweaters, cautious optimism for Girl Meets World, and an explanation of how terrible Tim and Tom were as […]