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Girl On The Train

  1. books
    Girl on the Train’s Paula Hawkins Has a New BookInto the Water will come out next May.
  2. columbus day
    7 Movies to Watch (or Not) This Columbus Day WeekendAmerican Honey for all, Magnificent Seven for none, and avoid a trip with The Girl on the Train.
  3. accents
    A Guide to the Many Puzzling Accents of The Girl on the TrainJust what was the deal with Rebecca Ferguson?
  4. drinking
    Why Girl on the Train Changed Its Setting to NYC“In America, [drinking at bars] is all about going into a dark hole where nobody can see you do a bad thing.”
  5. the industry
    Eileen to Be Adapted by Girl on the Train WriterThrillers, thrillers, everywhere!
  6. trailer mix
    See Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train TrailerThis year’s Gone Girl!