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  1. weddings
    Girl Talk Was the DJ at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wedding, a.k.a. Every 2010s Frat PartyThe former mashup king played “‘80s jams,” natch.
  2. right-click
    Download the Girl Talk and Freeway EPCool.
  3. videology
    ‘Tolerated’ Video: Girl Talk, Freeway, and Waka Flocka Flame Cause TroubleFeaturing Freeway and Waka Flocka Flame.
  4. get mashy
    Girl Talk Mashes Up ‘Get Lucky’ With Michael Jackson, Kanye With Marilyn MansonDaft Punk, meet “Remember the Time.”
  5. cats
    Meet the Cat Who Sings Collective SoulThis cat’s got rhythm!
  6. girl talk
    Watch the First Installment of Girl Talk’s Epic Music VideoIf the first music video in a twelve-part video series accompanying Girl Talk’s album All Day is any indication, it’s going to be epic.
  7. clickables
    Take a Tour of Girl Talk’s Computer, With Bonus English LessonSo much learning!
  8. clickables
    Hear Girl Talk Mashed Up With Girl TalkIt’s ‘Nightripper’ vs. ‘All Day.’
  9. clickables
    See a Breakdown of Girl Talk’s All Day, Now in Pretty Chart FormEnjoy (some more).
  10. radio vulture
    Girl Talk: America’s Coolest Wedding D.J.Gregg Gillis is extremely well attuned to the modern American party canon.
  11. clickables
    Stream an Annotated Version of Girl Talk’s All DayNot 100 percent accurate, but fun.
  12. chat room
    Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis on His New Album, Glee, and Why He Picked That Bananarama Sample“The original remix is the glee club.”
  13. clickables
    Download the New Girl Talk Album, All DayIt’s his first album in two-plus years, and it’s free!
  14. festivals
    Bonnaroo 2009: Bruce Springsteen Goes Phish-ing While Trent Reznor Says Good-byeWhat a weekend!
  15. quote machine
    Kirk Cameron Narrowly Avoids Crack-Smoking and Cross-dressingPlus: Tricky was just not that into Björk.
  16. investigations
    So, What the Heck Is Girl Talk Doing With His Laptop Onstage, Anyway?Sasha Frere-Jones investigates!
  17. last night’s gig
    What Else You Missed at All Points West: The Vulture Grab BagWhatever your excuse for missing All Points West, why not read a maddening litany of all the great shows you didn’t see?
  18. chat room
    Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis on His New Album, Making Listeners Puke, and Why He’s Pretty Sure He Won’t Get SuedThe King of the Mash-up doesn’t mind if you get his new album for free.
  19. tube junkie
    New Girl Talk Album Spawns Crazily Ambitious YouTube Mash-Up ProjectSome guy is making videos for every track on the album by editing together clips of all their component mashed-up songs.
  20. right-click
    New Girl Talk Album Is Well Worth Your $0.00Plus: New music from Diplo and the Walkmen!
  21. last night’s gig
    Girl Talk and Dan Deacon Overcome Technical Difficulties, Onstage ClaustrophobiaIt was unclear who was performing at Webster Hall on Saturday night. Girl Talk was the headliner, but we spent most of the show staring at the undulating mass of fans onstage.