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Girls Finale

  1. the vulture tv podcast
    Our Lingering Questions After Girls’ Final SeasonWhere did Hannah’s writerly ambitions go?
  2. close reads
    In Praise of Hannah and Her Mother on GirlsThe finale’s greatest strength is their scene together, and what it tells us.
  3. girls
    The Girls Finale Reminds Us This Wasn’t Just a Show for MillennialsWhat gets lost when we talk about Girls is the notion that it was also a simple coming-of-age story.
  4. tv review
    Girls’ Final Season Was the Show at Its Saddest, and BestIt ended true to its maddening heroine.
  5. girls
    The First and Last Appearances of Girls’ Most Memorable CharactersWhere they started and where they ended up.
  6. girls
    Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner on the End of Girls and Hannah’s Final Pants-Free Shot“It wouldn’t be Girls if Hannah had pants on, right?”
  7. vulture lists
    The 25 Best Girls Guest Stars, RankedFrom Jenny Slate to Shiri Appleby.
  8. goodbyes
    All of the Possible Twist Endings for the Girls FinaleThis is HBO after all.