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    A Final Open Letter to Hannah Horvath of GirlsSome parting words for one of TV’s more polarizing characters.
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    Shoshanna on Girls Is ‘Adulting,’ But Has She Really Grown Up?Kudos for being honest with your friends and everything, but what is up with your new insta-life?
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    To Root or Not to Root for Adam and Jessa on GirlsShould they be together? Because I’m not sure they should be.
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    A Follow-up Open Letter to Marnie Michaels of GirlsWhat happens to Marnie when a pawn shop owner gets real.
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    An Open Letter to Marnie Michaels of GirlsDo you ever actually hear yourself, Marnie?
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    Why Elijah on Girls Needs to Apologize to HannahIs it too late now to say sorry?
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    What Should Hannah Horvath Do?She has a major decision to make. We have some thoughts.
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    Some Advice for Chuck Palmer, the Lecherous Author on GirlsThis week’s installment of our advice column for Girls characters.
  9. Advice for Shoshanna on Girls: Forget the WEMUN, Be Your Own Woman!Some gentle suggestions for Shoshanna “Get out of my face!” Shapiro.
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    Some Advice for Ray on Girls: Stop Being a DoormatSome words of wisdom for Marnie’s so-called boyfriend.