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  1. exclusive
    Heather Morris Is Back on Glee — and We’ve Got Your First LookHere she is hosting “Fondue for Two.”
  2. vulture compendiums
    294 Issues and Dramatic Situations Glee Has Addressed in 99 EpisodesFrom teen homelessness to virginity loss to spousal abuse.
  3. covers
    Hear Gwyneth Paltrow’s Version of ‘Happy’ From GleeFor the upcoming 100th episode.
  4. overnights
    Glee Recap: How the Story Was Supposed to EndWhat ifs.
  5. overnights
    Glee Recap: A Dude Ranch on a Nuclear Waste SiteRenditions of “Hold On” and “Gloria” and “Barracuda”: Can you say sassy?
  6. overnights
    Glee Recap: Kelly Clarkson Solves EverythingRachel gets a New York Magazine cover shoot — how meta.
  7. big moves
    Jane Lynch Is Not Leaving GleeSue Sylvester is going to New York!
  8. big moves
    Fox Confirms Glee Will Be Set Exclusively in NYCAt least for the rest of this season.
  9. glee is 100
    Gwyneth Paltrow Will Appear on Glee’s 100th EpisodeAs will many of the show’s now-departed original characters. 
  10. my thoughts exactly
    Jonathan Coulton on Seeing His Glee Flap Play out on The Good WifeThe musician describes the surreal experience of watching himself being played by Matthew Lillard.
  11. overnights
    The Good Wife Recap: A Gleeful ParodyAlicia takes on a Glee-like TV show who ripped off her Jonathan Coulton–esque musician clients and “legal jazz” ensues.
  12. ballad days
    Listen to Lea Michele’s New Single ‘Battlefield’The love war rages on.
  13. alternate endings
    Ryan Murphy Confirms Original Glee EndingFinn and Rachel would have reunited in Lima.
  14. right-click
    Hear Lea Michele’s First Single, ‘Cannonball’She wants to be a pop star.
  15. overnights
    Glee Recap: Christmas, Now With Less DeathSee you in February.
  16. the most viral
    Tumblr’s Most Reblogged Stars of 2013 Are Very Niche, Very BritishCumberbatch and Lawrence, sure. But Kaya Scodelario? Tyler Hoechlin?
  17. overnights
    Glee Recap: The Fox Says WhateverIt’s hard not to be at least a little charmed by puppet versions of every Glee character.
  18. overnights
    Glee Recap: The Channing Tatum Former Male Stripper GrantA Billy Joel tribute without “We Didn’t Start the Fire”? Seriously?
  19. overnights
    Glee Recap: Twerking, Moles, and ‘Blurred Lines’Transgender issues? Relevant. The rape-iness of “Blurred Lines”? Not so much.
  20. overnights
    Glee Recap: Loincloths and Vine-Swinging Notwithstanding“Are you a Katy or a Gaga?” isn’t a particularly interesting question.
  21. welcome to the jungle
    Glee’s Upcoming Lady Gaga and Katy Perry–Themed Episode Looks GreatFeaturing Artie as both Katy and Gaga.
  22. endings
    Ryan Murphy Says Glee Will End After Next SeasonThey’re figuring out the ending.
  23. oh the humanity
    NBC’s New Thursday Night Comedy Lineup Is a Complete Ratings DisasterOnce Upon a Time in Wonderland didn’t do well last night, either; Glee did.
  24. overnights
    Glee Recap: His Voice in Our HeadR.I.P. Finn Hudson.
  25. in memoriam
    Watch a Song From Last Night’s Glee, Cry ForeverYe gods, that was intense.
  26. gleeks get medicated
    See Naya Rivera’s Yeast Infection Ad on Last Night’s GleeIt could be Santana’s big break!
  27. overnights
    Glee Recap: Take a Sad Song and Make It BetterProm night, Beatles (and Carrie) style.
  28. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Glee’s Cory Monteith Tribute Episode“The actors and the crew had a really hard time shooting it,” says Ryan Murphy.
  29. deaths
    Here’s What Investigators Found In Cory Monteith’s Hotel RoomThe official coroner’s report was released today.
  30. overnights
    Glee Recap: Nothing You Can Sing That Can’t Be SungLast night on Glee, two boys got engaged.
  31. oh em glee
    Where Did We Leave Off With Glee?Rachel was auditioning for Funny Girl.
  32. emmys 2013
    Watch Jane Lynch’s Emotional Tribute to Glee’s Cory MonteithIt’s sad.
  33. oh em glee
    Watch a Teaser for Glee’s Beatles TributeIt’s how you think it will be.
  34. oh em glee
    Demi Lovato Will Be Santana’s Love Interest on GleeSorry, Brittana fans.
  35. oh em glee
    Demi Lovato Heading to GleeFor at least six episodes.
  36. trailer mix
    Watch Glee’s Surprisingly Upbeat Season Five Teaser Trailer You won’t see anyone mourning Finn here.
  37. memorials
    Glee Won’t Explain Finn’s Death“It felt really exploitative to do it any other way,” says Ryan Murphy.
  38. remembrances
    Watch Lea Michele’s First Public Remembrance of Cory MonteithAt Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards.
  39. ticking clock
    Glee Might Hang It Up After Season Six2015 is the eyed conclusion.
  40. last night on late night
    Watch Jayma Mays Freak Out Ashton Kutcher“When she put the drops in my ear, it started to drown the insect that was living in there, so it climbed out of my ear…”
  41. glee
    Ryan Murphy Explains How Glee Will Go On Without Cory Monteith“The right thing to do for the show, at least at this point, is to have that character pass.”
  42. last night on late night
    Last Night on Leno: Jane Lynch’s Emotional Cory Monteith Memories“He was a bright light.”
  43. deaths
    Cory Monteith Died From Heroin, Alcohol MixAccording to a coroner’s report.
  44. radio vulture
    Jody Rosen on Glee’s Cory MonteithMonteith had never sung before Glee, and it showed. It didn’t matter, though.
  45. r.i.p.
    The Cast of Glee Reacts to Cory Monteith’s DeathThe popular Glee actor is remembered by his friends and co-stars.
  46. growing pains
    Glee, Grief, and Teen Rites of PassageGrowing up is not easy. Isn’t that what Glee is sometimes about?
  47. legacy
    Cory Monteith Was Invaluable To Glee. Where Does the Show Go Now?What will the show look like now that he’s gone?
  48. r.i.p.
    Glee Star Cory Monteith Is Dead His body was found inside a Vancouver hotel room.
  49. casting
    Adam Lambert Is Joining the Cast of GleeSays Ryan Murphy.
  50. tv
    Some Glee Cast Members Got Promotions A day after it was announced that four would leave the series.
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