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Glorious Returns

  1. glorious returns
    Kanye Makes His First Onstage Appearance in Almost a Year at Kid Cudi ConcertWelcome back, Mr. West
  2. glorious returns
    Jon Stewart May Be on HBO Before the ElectionMakes sense.
  3. glorious returns
    EW Unveils Gilmore Girls Return CoverHaha, we’re all having a wonderful time, ladies, but what were the four final words?
  4. glorious returns
    Dwayne Johnson Will Return to Grip of WrestleMania Again Next YearBeing held in Dallas on April 3.
  5. glorious returns
    Rihanna Returns to InstagramThe baddest chick is back.
  6. glorious returns
    Final, Official Confirmation: Dan Harmon Will Return to CommunityYou knew, but now you know.
  7. glorious returns
    Yes, Justin Timberlake Will Perform at the GrammysClearly.