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Gold Rush

  1. mad men
    What Is a White Man Mad About in This Oscar-Nominated Movie?A helpful guide to the many pissed-off white dudes in this year’s Academy-recognized films.
  2. the gold rush
    A Historic Battle for the Animated Oscar BeginsThis year, a record number of animated movies are competing against Disney for an Academy Award in the feature category. Can an indie win?
  3. the gold rush
    Bombshell Director Says Minidress Scene Is Most Excruciating Thing He’s Filmed“There were good arguments about how disturbing Roger’s breathing [should] be,” says Jay Roach. “I wanted the breathing to be unmistakably monstrous.”
  4. To Catherine, Regarding the Absurdities of the California Gold Rush, 1849, […]My Dearest Catherine, We are heading by caravan to San Francisco, ready to mine for gold. Everyone is telling wild tales about how much gold […]