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  1. crime
    Gillian Flynn ‘Sickened’ by Gone Girl Defense in Missing Person CaseA defense lawyer is suggesting that a mother of five’s disappearance can be explained as “a Gone Girl–type case.”
  2. the crime scene
    Every David Fincher Movie, RankedKillers, cops, and founders.
  3. bad girl lit
    The Villainous Bitch Has Become the Most Boring Trend in LiteratureWe wanted unlikable narrators; we got an army of psychopathic she-beasts too shallow to hate.
  4. How Onscreen Sex Sounds Are Made, From Kissing to Hand JobsWe talk to the Foley artists behind some of the most intimate big-screen moments.
  5. 20 Movies Where the Bad Guys WinSometimes, the heroes take the L.
  6. Watch Neil Patrick Harris Talk You Through His Gory Gone Girl Sex Scene“We were just rehearsing porn for hours.”
  7. last night on late night
    Anne Hathaway, Film Scholar, Says Gone Girl Is One of Her Favorite Rom-Coms“It’s like a David Fincher rom-com!”
  8. videology
    Tove Lo Drops ‘Cool Girl’ Video and, Whoops, Now We’re All Bald (Especially Her)She might even be crazier than Amy.
  9. right-click
    Cool, Gone Girl Is Inspiring Pop Songs NowCool Girls, unite.
  10. not fair
    Report: Jon Hamm Wanted to Be in Gone GirlBut Matthew Weiner wouldn’t let him out of his Mad Men contract.
  11. awards season
    Boyhood, Nightcrawler Nab Producers Guild NomsRecently, the PGA’s big winner went on to win Best Picture.
  12. weekend box office
    Mockingjay Has Best Weekend Opening This YearThe mockingjay lives on.
  13. party chat
    Gone Girl Writer and Co-stars Offer Hot Takes on Ben Affleck’s Penis“I appreciate his dedication to his craft.”
  14. weekend box office
    Dumb and Dumber To Laughs Its Way to the Top of the Box OfficeFoxcatcher debuted strongly in limited release.
  15. ben affleck's penis
    It Was Cold When Ben Affleck Shot That Gone Girl Shower Scene“It was a real gift.”
  16. bffs
    Psssh, Matt Damon Has Been Seeing Ben Affleck’s Penis for YearsGone Girl — Schmon Schmirl.
  17. weekend box office
    Big Hero 6 Brings Down Interstellar at the Weekend Box OfficeCuteness beats Christopher Nolan.
  18. goodbyes
    Good-bye, and Thank You!Warning: feelings.
  19. weekend box office
    Nightcrawler Edges Out Ouija Over Halloween WeekendBirdman continues to soar.
  20. parodies
    Here Is Gone Girl Reenacted by KittensA.k.a. Gone Purrl.
  21. weekend box office
    Ouija Scares Up Teens to Take the WeekendBoo.
  22. weekend box office
    Brad Pitt’s Fury Beats Gone Girl Over a Weak Box-Office WeekendBirdman and Dear White People did well in limited release.
  23. movies
    Gone Girl Is the Ultimate Truther MovieNick, the patsy in Gone Girl, is nearly buried alive under an avalanche of so-called proof.
  24. vulture quiz
    Is This a Clip From a Trent Reznor Score or a Household Appliance?Are you watching a David Fincher film, or are you just in Sears?
  25. movies
    Jennifer Lopez Went to See Gone Girl This Weekend, TooShe posted a foot-selfie as evidence.
  26. weekend box office
    Gone Girl Slays Dracula Untold at the Weekend Box OfficeDavid Fincher isn’t going anywhere.
  27. party chat
    Neil Patrick Harris Didn’t Mind Going Nude for Gone Girl“For Boss Fincher, of course I’ll go there.”
  28. chat room
    Gone Girl Standout Kim Dickens on David Fincher and the ‘Woman Problem’“What, do we save all the sociopathic roles for men?”
  29. chat room
    Rosamund Pike on Her Breakout Role in Gone Girl“Sometimes I wished I could have played Margo — not that I’m saying that that’s an easy role!”
  30. vulture lists
    8 Movie Husbands Who Supposedly Killed Their WivesPoor Harrison Ford.
  31. party chat
    Victor Garber Also Failed to Spot Ben Affleck’s Penis“I’m sure it’s beautiful.”
  32. butt chins
    Take Our Ben Affleck Butt-Chin QuizIs this Ben Affleck’s butt-chin or someone else’s butt-chin?
  33. dating
    Is Gone Girl the Worst First-Date Movie of All Time? An InvestigationTo see how bad a first-date movie it really is.
  34. monday morning movie club
    What Were the Best Parts of Gone Girl?We have some very, very specific suggestions.
  35. vulture lists
    28 David Fincher Music Videos, RankedMadonna, Paula Abdul, and more.
  36. chat room
    Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn on Cool Girls and David FincherMild spoilers in this one.
  37. what's up next
    What’s Next for Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn?A movie, two TV shows, and two books are all on the way.
  38. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of Gone Girl(Spoilers.)
  39. weekend box office
    David Fincher’s Gone Girl Barely Beats Annabelle at the Box OfficeIt was Fincher’s best opening weekend ever.
  40. women
    Yes, Gone Girl Has a Woman ProblemBut it is mostly a failure of adaptation.
  41. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Is Gone Girl Red-Hot or Too Cool for the Academy?Find out who’s up and who’s down this week.
  42. primers
    Everything You Need to Know About Gone Girl’s Rosamund PikeShe’s the best.
  43. review roundup
    Gone Girl Roundup: Fincher Has a Strong HandCritics also think that this will be the role to put Rosamund Pike on the map.
  44. vulture recommends
    7 Books to Scratch Your Gone Girl ItchStation Eleven, NW, and more.
  45. gone girl
    How to See Ben Affleck’s Penis in Gone GirlHere is a step-by-step guide.
  46. influences
    21 Things That Influenced Gillian Flynn’s Books“It’s fast, it’s smart, ludicrous, and it’s really subversive and sly in its remarks on gender.”
  47. movie review
    David Fincher Puts Ben Affleck’s Evasiveness to Good Use in Gone GirlThe movie is phenomenally gripping—although it does leave you queasy and uncertain.
  48. movies
    Gone Girl Will Show Ben Affleck’s Penis, Says Ben Affleck [Updated]“The penis is in there.”
  49. let it go
    Ben Affleck’s ‘Let It Go’ Is Short and BadHe does it for his kids!
  50. now streaming
    Now You Can Stream the Entire Gone Girl SoundtrackWhich part makes you the most unsettled?
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