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Good Girls

  1. cancellations
    NBC Cancels Good Girls, Ending Their Reign of CrimeThe show will not be shopped to other platforms.
  2. Christina Hendricks and Retta Play the Newlywed GameWho would last longer in a zombie apocalypse?
  3. season renewals
    Good Girls Renewed for Another Season, Despite All Those Awful Crimes They DidRetta, Christina Hendricks, and Mae Whitman will continue their crime spree at NBC for a third season.
  4. vulture festival 2018
    Retta Is Over People Telling Her to ‘Treat Yo’ Self’“I hear it ten times a day.”
  5. season renewals
    NBC Gives Good Girls Another Year of Doing BadMaybe they rob a bigger grocery store?
  6. overnights
    Good Girls Season-Finale Recap: Kill the KingBeth must finally decide: Kill, or be killed?
  7. overnights
    Good Girls Recap: You Can’t Go Home AgainWe better put Beth/Rio Make-Out Watch on indefinite hold.
  8. tribeca 2018
    Christina Hendricks Appreciates Her Status As a Gay IconMad Men’s Joan will live on forever.
  9. overnights
    Good Girls Recap: Scared StraightMary Pat is a very worthy foe for the ladies.
  10. overnights
    Good Girls Recap: Seriously Secret ShoppersWelcome to the show, Allison Tolman!
  11. overnights
    Good Girls Recap: Avon Calling“That wifey of yours who lived to make you dinner has left the building.”
  12. overnights
    Good Girls Recap: I Can’t Believe It’s Not CashThe girls are cardigan-deep in a money-laundering scheme.
  13. overnights
    Good Girls Recap: Fake Money in, Real Money Out“Atom Bomb” moves the story forward in its grandest and most unexpected way yet.
  14. overnights
    Good Girls Recap: Fake Cash, Real PearlsThree episodes in, Good Girls nails a very tricky (and very funny) hour.
  15. Good Girls Arrives at the Right Cultural MomentThe NBC series about three moms turned criminals is Breaking Bad meets Time’s Up.
  16. New Drama Good Girls, Starring Retta, Is Coming to NBCThe drama about suburban housewives also stars Mae Whitman.