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Goodwin Games

  1. There Was No Winner To ‘The Goodwin Games,’ But It Was Fun to PlayIt’s very rare to see the actual lifespan of a television series equal the length of time its story naturally dictated it should last. Shows […]
  2. Fox Trims Episode Order for Midseason Sitcom ‘The Goodwin Games’Fox has just cut the episode order for its upcoming midseason comedy The Goodwin Games in half, TV Line reports. The network had originally […]
  3. Some TV Casting ThingsHarvard Sailing Club’s Chris Smith has been cast as the lead in the new CBS single-cam pilot, Ex-Men. He’ll play a young dude who is taken […]
  4. T.J. Miller Is Now One of the Leads on Fox’s ‘Goodwin Games’[Cue Pete Holmes yelling, “DENVER! YOGI BEAR! YEAH! 3-Deeeeeeeeee!”] This is some damn good(win) news. Well, good(win) for T.J. Miller and […]