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  1. buffering
    All Eyes on the ProtestsHow streaming news networks are emerging as valuable resources for anyone looking to go beyond cable news coverage.
  2. elementary my dear watson
    Genius Allegedly Caught Google Stealing Its Lyrics With an Ingenious WatermarkPay close attention to the apostrophes.
  3. explainers
    Is Spotify Suing Songwriters? The Latest Legal Battle, ExplainedWhy all the big streaming companies are appealing a ruling that would force them to pay more to songwriters.
  4. dance dance evolution
    Does Your Phone Have a Little Dancing Childish Gambino in It? Hmmmmm? Does It?If you’re watching the Grammys tonight, you now know Donald Glover is available in pocket-size.
  5. home alone
    Someone Should Speak to the McCallisters: Macaulay Culkin Stars in Home Alone AdHe even still has to sleep in the attic? Dang.
  6. alicia vikander
    Alicia Vikander’s Friends Call Her Mrs. Google … Because She Is Good at GoogleAlicia, can you find this post?
  7. Which Giant Tech Company Is Winning the Race to Be Skynet?Will Amazon, Facebook, or Google be the agent of our destruction?
  8. youtube
    Google Vows to Defend Copyright-Hunted YouTubers“We believe even the small number of videos we are able to protect will make a positive impact.”
  9. history lesson
    Have You Taken Google’s Virtual, Interactive Abbey Road Studios Tour?It’s educational and fun.
  10. no spoilers here
    Google Might Finally Have a Plan to Save You From Spoiler HellThanks to its new patent.
  11. tv
    This Is What Happens When You Google ‘Hodor’In retrospect, it’s exactly what we should have expected.
  12. Google’s Response to Stephen Colbert’s Lawsuit Threat Is Pretty PerfectLast week, Stephen Colbert took some time during an episode of The Colbert Report to call out Google CEO Larry Page for getting his height […]
  13. Stephen Colbert Is Not Very Happy with Google CEO Larry PageDuring last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen called out Google CEO Larry Page in a new “Who’s Attacking Me Now?” segment for having the gall to […]
  14. tech
    Why Would Google Amazon Want to Buy Twitch?And what would they be getting for that $1 billion?
  15. vulture lists
    Every Single Time ‘Google’ Was Said and Seen in The Internship“Google needs us; Google wants us.”
  16. trailer park
    The Internship Trailer: Google CrashersYou’ll get college credit.
  17. yohoho.com
    Report: Google and Yahoo Should Share Blame for Online PiracyA USC study claims that they are indirectly helping fund torrent sites by allowing them to be part of these big web companies’ ad networks.
  18. Is Google House View a Good Idea?Maybe?
  19. The Complete Guide to Everything: The Future of Technology (iPhone 5, […]This week the guys decide to take a look at three products defining the future of technology: The iPhone 5, MakerBot and Google Glasses. Before […]
  20. art imitating life
    Google’s Office to Basically Play Itself in InternsVince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s movie about working at a “Google-like” company will shoot there this week. 
  21. ‘Parks and Rec’ Cast Members Talk to Google about ‘Season 5: The Rise of […] It’s all pretty great. Especially how excited Chris Pratt and Amy Poehler are about the idea of doing the show for another 10 years. We are […]
  22. dmx
    See What Happens When DMX Is Introduced to GoogleHe’s got a point about the swirly circle, though.
  23. ‘TGS’ Writers Use the Internet to Do Important Work Toofer suggests salad. People are like “How about pizza?” “How about BBQ?” And Toofer is all like, “How about a nice light salad?” Shut up […]
  24. 30 rock
    What If the Characters on 30 Rock Used Google Docs?We’re with Pete — fried chicken for lunch!
  25. google’s taking over the world
    Google TV Launching in Europe Next YearStill no headway in negotiations with American broadcasters.
  26. clickables
    See Some Old-School Propaganda Posters for Your Favorite Social NetworksGoogle+ is scary.
  27. hulu
    Google in Talks to Buy HuluOnline search giant apparently eyeing greater share of streaming-video market.
  28. clickables
    Record a Guitar Solo on Google’s Les Paul Tribute DoodleIn honor of his birthday.
  29. clickables
    Watch Lady Gaga’s Fan-Filled Google Chrome AdLady Gaga can use a computer.
  30. clickables
    Check Out Google’s Animated Martha Graham DoodleHappy 117th birthday, Martha Graham.
  31. clickables
    See Google Chrome’s ‘It Gets Better’ VideoAnother “as told by the Internet” video.
  32. lady gaga
    11 Things We Learned From Lady Gaga’s Google Moderator InterviewTaunted by cheeseburgers! Hot yoga! Rebecca Black!
  33. exclusive
    YouTube Offering Millions for Celebrity-Created ContentYouTube is launching what’s understood to be a massive $100 million bid to attract Hollywood talent.
  34. clickables
    Take an International Museum Tour on the New Google Art ProjectFancy art!
  35. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Winona Ryder Doesn’t Google Out of Fear of Joining Al QaedaPlus, Donald Glover revealed his dong-loving original Twitter handle, on our regular late-night roundup.
  36. clickables
    Chart the History of Cursing in English LiteratureCan anyone explain that s-word spike in 1720?
  37. clickables
    See a Nifty Animated Short Made Entirely in Google DocsCharts are so beautiful.
  38. clickables
    Review the Year in Googling, With GoogleZeitgeist this.
  39. clickables
    See Google Books’ Adorable Fail WhaleKeep hunting!
  40. clickables
    See What Happens When You Google ‘Watch Conan’Et tu, Google?
  41. Google Hates ConanIf you search for “Watch Conan” on Google, the first result is the official website for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. How dare you, Google???
  42. People Are Very Curious About the Political Views and Jewishness of Late […]So I just found this handy site, which allows you to generate a Venn diagram based on what Google suggest fills in once you start typing in […]
  43. Simon Rich Takes On GoogleSNL writer and book author Simon Rich has a piece in this week’s New Yorker about Google. Specifically, what Google’s dictionary defines […]
  44. Google TV Will Be Released This FallGoogle TV, which looks to be the most promising entry in an increasingly-busy streaming-to-your-TV space, is officially headed our way this […]
  45. casting couch
    Who Will Play Sergey and Larry in the Google Movie?Jay Baruchel and Martin Starr? Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner?
  46. lost
    NBC Really Wants Lost Fans to Watch The EventThey’re buying Google ads to prove it.
  47. tv
    Waste the Next Ten Minutes Playing Pac-Man on Google’s New HomepageGoogle! *Shaking fist.*
  48. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jerry Seinfeld Shows No Loyalty to Bill GatesPlus, Russell Brand attempts to replace President Obama as the anti-ambassador to Las Vegas, on our regular late-night roundup.
  49. google
    World’s Richest Internet Company Not Wasting Money on ArtSome illustrators are bristling over a request from Google to provide artwork free of charge for the company’s upcoming web browser. But others said yes!
  50. nice tries
    Not Even Google Genius Can Save the Music BusinessIf throwing tons of money and a geeky dude with a huge brain at the music business’s problems doesn’t fix everything, we guess we’re all out of ideas.
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