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Graduation (album)

  1. leak of the week
    Kanye West’s New Album Leaks, 50 Cent Laughs, Then Cries, ProbablyNow that we’ve heard his album, we’re even more disappointed in Kanye for not taking a more active role in his beef with 50 Cent.
  2. last night’s gig
    Kanye West Reveals His Love for ‘Anime’ Porn, Disdain for BlogsAt first we weren’t sure Kanye West would show at his Graduation listening party at the New World Stages last night, but then we realized that spotlights are his tractor beams.
  3. countdown to meltdown
    50 Cent Already Practicing His Concession SpeechIn a video interview today with OnSmash.com, 50 Cent states unequivocally, “Of course I’ll outsell [Kanye West].” Then he preemptively makes excuses for why he might not.
  4. cover story
    Kanye West Meets Takashi MurakamiWhat is Kanye saying, exactly?
  5. the industry
    ‘In the Heights’ Salsas Onto the Great White Way