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  1. grammys 2020
    Rosalía Calls for More Flamenco Music at Future Grammys“I really hope that it doesn’t take 18 years more to have another flamenco performance here.”
  2. grocery lists
    Did Omarion’s ‘Post to Be’ Deserve a Grammy Nomination? An InvestigationMaybe the Grammys aren’t down with anilingus.
  3. radio vulture
    What’s Really Wrong With the GrammysThe elimination of 31 award categories has sparked protests. Here’s why the cuts make sense.
  4. talk
    Is It Worth Complaining About the Grammys Anymore?It’s a contest of apples versus oranges, but it looks more like a basket of fruit.
  5. kudos
    Six Amusing Things About the 2010 Grammy NominationsOnly six.
  6. grammys
    Grammy Nods: Arcade Fire Versus Lady Gaga and MoreEminem leads the pack.
  7. grammy awards
    Grammy Eligibilty Cut-Off Nears: Bring Out the Old Folks Albums!Welcome to the party, Phil Collins, Liza Minnelli, Doobie Brothers, and Eric Clapton.
  8. grammys
    Grammys Change Best New Artist Rules to Avoid Snubbing Future Lady Gagas“That situation won’t happen again.”
  9. awards
    Gaga Cleans Up at the BritsThree-award winner dedicates performance to Alexander McQueen.
  10. taylor swift
    Clarkson Blasts Swift’s Label PrezShe’s written an angry blog post.
  11. backlash
    Record Label Chief Addresses Taylor Swift Backlash“It’s not about that technically perfect performance.”
  12. ratings
    Almost 26 Million People Watched the GrammysThat’s 35 percent more than last year!
  13. taylor swift
    Taylor Swift Acts SurprisedHow good is Taylor at acting surprised when she wins?
  14. copycats
    The Grammys: Five Months Behind the VMAsBeyoncé, Lady Gaga, Green Day, P!nk, and Taylor Swift performed at both ceremonies.
  15. grammys
    Grammys UncensoredCBS’s overzealous bleep-machine operators ruined everyone’s fun.
  16. grammys
    Video: The Grammys in a MinuteElton and Gaga! Ke$ha and Bieber! Plus, a 3-D Michael Jackson tribute!
  17. grammys
    Liveblogging the Grammys Plus Video HighlightsAll the best moments from the music industry’s awards showcase.
  18. red-carpet watch
    Red Carpet Looks From the GrammysAll the hit-or-miss moments from the Grammys red carpet.
  19. music
    Stream Akon, Keri Hilson, and the Soweto Choir’s Jubilant Collaboration, ‘Oh Africa’
  20. grammys
    Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Drake Nudge the Grammys Toward RelevanceBut where’s Kanye?
  21. michael jackson
    Grammys Are Going 3-D for Michael JacksonBut it’s not as exciting as that sounds.
  22. kudos
    Silversun Pickups: We Got Nominated for a Grammy?For Best New Artist? Really?
  23. kudos
    Karen O Takes Miley Cyrus’s Grammy NominationMiley’s “The Climb” was disqualified, giving the spot up to Karen O’s “All Is Love.”
  24. vulture lists
    5 Amusing Things About the Grammy NominationsYes, just five.
  25. kudos
    Silly Grammy Nominations AnnouncedThey’re here!
  26. kudos
    Will the Grammys Bend Their Rules to Accommodate Top Talent From AMAs?The Grammys generally don’t allow musicians who performed at the AMAs to also play their show.
  27. kudos
    Lady Gaga’s Grammy Dreams ShatteredShe won’t be eligible for the Best New Artist award, after all.
  28. shams
    Grammy Committee Bends Over Backward to Appease Lady GagaThey are reportedly considering changing their Best New Artist eligibility rules so Gaga would have a shot at winning the award this year.
  29. sadness
    Polka to Go Unhonored at GrammysThis isn’t sitting well with Weird Al.
  30. boneheads
    Grammy Awards Take Another Bold Step Towards IrrelevanceOne step up and two steps back.
  31. kudos
    Besides M.I.A., Here’s the Only Thing You Missed by Not Watching the GrammysSee Radiohead’s awesome performance of ‘15 Step’ with the USC marching band.
  32. kudos
    Pregnant M.I.A. Shafted by Stupid GrammysWhich other hip, relevant artists were denied on-camera awards last night?
  33. kudos
    Vulture Predicts the Winners of Next Year’s GrammysU2, Beyoncé, and David Archuleta: total locks.
  34. high times
    Lil Wayne Invites Katie Couric Onto His Tour BusAnd Katie can’t stop giggling.
  35. coldplay
    Coldplay to Be Fêted, Subpoenaed at GrammysJoe Satriani still thinks he wrote “Viva la Vida.”
  36. kudos
    Grammy Performances Set to Outshine Actual AwardsNo one on the corner has swagga like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and T.I.
  37. kudos
    Grammy Nominations Get Lil Wayne’s Hopes UpThe world is still reeling this morning after last night’s announcement of the astonishingly non-terrible Grammy nominations.
  38. the elderly
    Which Old People Will Be Nominated for Grammys Tomorrow?Do any young artists stand a chance this year? Sadly, no.
  39. vulture lists
    10 Events That Should Happen Once Every 4 YearsObviously Joyce Carol Oates novels and Ryan Adams albums — but what else?
  40. beef
    Conspiracy Theory: Was Clive Davis Behind Beyoncé’s Grammy Slap at Aretha?Blah blah blah … Aretha Franklin is mad.
  41. kudos
    Triumph: Worst-Ever Awards Show Scores Better Than Worst-Ever RatingsDefying our stern warnings, an astounding 17.5 million masochistic viewers tuned into the Grammys, making it only the third-lowest-rated show in the awards’ history.
  42. tube junkie
    Here’s the Only Thing You Missed by Not Watching Last Night’s GrammysUnsurprisingly, the only watchable six minutes of last night’s Grammy Awards came courtesy of a walking catastrophe with a tenuous hold on reality (not Clive Davis, for once).
  43. kudos
    Barely Alive Recording Artists Honored by Barely Alive Recording IndustryAs Vulture predicted last week, Herbie Hancock beat out younger, more relevant competition from Kanye West and Amy Winehouse, picking up the Grammy for Album of the Year at last night’s ceremony in Los Angeles.
  44. kudos
    Who Will Be This Year’s Most Inexplicable Grammy Winners?Fergie, for sure — but who else?
  45. apropos of nothing
    Ask Vulture: Should You Watch Sunday Night’s Grammy Awards?No.
  46. news reel
    Mark Ronson: Scared to Beat Kanye at the Grammys, Just Wants to Be on TVMark Ronson’s Grammy performance this Sunday rides on Amy Winehouse getting a work visa, he told us at last night’s Prada party.
  47. kudos
    Can Michael Jackson’s Face Get Viewers to Watch the Grammys?Grammy producers have asked Michael Jackson to perform at Sunday’s awards ceremony, as part of a 25th-anniversary celebration of his Thriller album.
  48. strike zone
    WGA Allows Writers to Work on Grammys; Awards Show to Be No Worse Than UsualThis morning brings news that the Writers Guild has allowed an interim deal for the February 10 Grammy Awards ceremony — not only will the WGA not picket the event, they’ll also allow scribes to work on the show.
  49. the early-evening news
    Michael Jackson Finds a Way to Make the Grammys Even More UnbearablePlus: Aziz Ansari!
  50. strike zone
    WGA Resolution Means Grammys Will Go Ahead As Planned — But There’s Good News Too!The WGA continues to play awards-show hardball, being coy today over whether it will grant a waiver for next month’s Oscar ceremony.
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