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Grammys 2014

  1. peace
    Kendrick Lamar Is Being Very Gracious About Macklemore“He deserved it.”
  2. beef
    Trent Reznor to the Grammys: ‘F*CK YOU’Apparently, he didn’t like being interrupted by an ad for Delta.
  3. grammys 2014
    Paul McCartney Can Act Happy to See AnyoneNo matter which starstruck celeb came up to him, he was able to seem really interested. Magic!
  4. grammys 2014
    Macklemore Texted Kendrick Lamar to Apologize for WinningHe then Instagrammed that text.
  5. radio vulture
    Rosen on the Grammys: An Incoherent, Kanye-less SlogWhat’s up with all the pianos?
  6. grammys 2014
    The Best Frozen Moments From the 2014 GrammysTaylor Swift, Beyoncé and Jay Z, Yoko Ono, Pharrell’s hat, and more.
  7. grammys 2014
    What Everyone Thought Pharrell’s Grammy Hat Looked LikeAccording to Twitter, it definitely looked like other stuff.
  8. wrap up
    The Highs and Lows of the 2014 GrammysRelive the magic.
  9. grammys 2014
    Watch the Grammys ‘Same Love’ Wedding Ceremony With Madonna and Queen LatifahMackledonna.
  10. grammys 2014
    Watch Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk, and Pharrell Perform ‘Get Lucky’Freak out!
  11. gifs
    See GIFs of Taylor Swift Dancing at the GrammysBecause that’s what she does.
  12. grammys 2014
    Watch That Wild Imagine Dragons/Kendrick Lamar Grammy PerformanceSurprisingly fun.
  13. grammys 2014
    Here Are the 2014 Grammy WinnersJay Z, Macklemore, Lorde, and Led Zeppelin — yes, Led Zeppelin — had big nights.
  14. grammys 2014
    Watch Taylor Swift’s Emotional Grammy Performance of ‘All Too Well’Sing it, girl.
  15. grammys 2014
    See a GIF of Taylor Swift’s Grammy HeadbangingTonight, Taylor Swift sang a duet with a giant hair monster.
  16. grammys 2014
    Watch Katy Perry Get Burned at the Stake at the GrammysSo that’s what a dark horse is.
  17. grammys 2014
    Watch Lorde Get Her Claws Out for ‘Royals’ at the GrammysNo gold teeth, plenty of blackened fingertips.
  18. grammys 2014
    Watch Beyoncé’s Grammy Performance of ‘Drunk In Love’Surfbort!
  19. weddings!
    Also Appearing at the Grammys: Some Weddings34 couples will get married during Sunday night’s show.
  20. grammys 2014
    Madonna Will Perform at the GrammysLike Beyoncé.
  21. best guesses
    Vulture Predicts the 2014 Grammy WinnersAnd also who should win.
  22. the grammys
    The Grammys Rap Committee Didn’t Want Macklemore in Their Awards CategoriesBecause of his “appeal in the pop world.”
  23. year of beyonce
    Beyoncé and Jay-Z to Perform at The GrammysBeyoncé doesn’t need a Grammy nom to get on that stage.
  24. the grammys
    And the 2014 Grammy Nominees Are … Justin Timberlake got dissed, Jay-Z got the most, and Daft Punk broke through.