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Gran Torino

  1. unsolved mysteries
    How Exactly Did Clint Eastwood Spend Gran Torino’s $35 Million Budget?It certainly didn’t go to securing the world’s best actors, that’s for sure.
  2. snubs
    Oscar Turns Its Nose Up at Revolutionary Road, The Dark KnightTurns out the Academy doesn’t really care about television ratings after all!
  3. baseless speculation
    The Oscar Nominations: What’ll Get the Fifth-Best Picture Slot?Will it be ‘The Dark Knight,’ or will the Academy surprise us?
  4. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Clint Tells Batman to Get Off His LawnWho’s up? Who’s down?
  5. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Clint Tells Batman to Get Off His LawnWho’s up? Who’s down?
  6. news reel
    Clint Eastwood Reveals Skin-Care Secrets and Talks Himself Out of an Oscar at Q&AEastwood may have been named 2008’s Best Actor by the National Board of Review last night, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he had to work hard in the role.
  7. news reel
    Gran Torino Music Video Could Use More ClintWe can only hope that someone has the good sense to remix this.
  8. quote machine
    Marisa Tomei Is Not Just a Naked LadyAnd Clint Eastwood explains how he’s mastered the nasty-old-bigot role.
  9. kudos
    Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino Oscar Hopes Not Crushed YetFor Best Original Song, that is.
  10. kudos
    The Golden Globes: Who Got Snubbed?’Milk,’ Clint, and ‘Wall-E,’ to name a few.
  11. earsores
    Clint Eastwood Sings!We can’t wait to see him do this live at the Oscars.
  12. trailer mix
    ‘Gran Torino’ Trailer: Clint Eastwood Goes With Plan BIf Clint Eastwood does not win an Oscar for something next February, he will shoot someone in the face.
  13. the early-evening news
    ‘Mask,’ the Musical, Complete With Horrifying MakeupPlus: Monks get a Gregorian chant record deal, Clint Eastwood’s movie might be Oscar bait after all, and The New Yorker raves one play but really recommends another.
  14. apropos of nothing
    Is Clint Eastwood Making a New ‘Dirty Harry’?According to unsubstantiated Internet rumors, the answer is yes!