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  1. Watch an Hour-Long Chat with Comedy Central President Kent Alterman Grantland conducted this hour-plus conversation with Kent Alterman, head of original programming at Comedy Central. Alterman’s been at the […]
  2. all growns up
    Read an Extensive Oral History of Swingers“I remember them shooting and I actually thought, at the time, This is so embarrassing for them.”
  3. Robert Smigel Talks About How Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Got That Accent Former SNL and Late Night With Conan O’Brien writer Robert Smigel sat down with Bill Simmons over at Grantland to talk about the origins of […]
  4. Here’s What It’s Like to Spend 36 Hours with Dan Harmon“When any television show is lionized for being ‘smart,’ someone’s laughing all the way to the bank — some company … That there’s a […]
  5. Watch Bill Hader Go Really In Depth About the Stefon Process Here’s a five-minute interview of Bill Hader talking about the process of writing Stefon segments the entire time. Seriously, he doesn’t talk […]
  6. Adam Sandler’s Hidden Truth“Sandler’s truth is that his onscreen persona has aged with his fans and experienced the same things at roughly the same time they’ve […]
  7. Eating Pasta with Aziz AnsariIn what is one of the most brilliantly selfish column hooks ever, TV producer and Grantland writer Daniel Kellison’s new recurring feature is […]
  8. Chuck Klosterman Sort Of Likes LouieToday on Grantland, Chuck Klosterman gives a big, sloppy kiss to the new season of Louie: “This fall marks the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s […]
  9. sabermetrics
    Natalie Portman Put Her Oscar to Horrible Use This YearProven scientifically.
  10. Grantland on Alec Baldwin’s Twitter AccountGuys, have you checked out the new website Grantland yet? It is technically an ESPN website but it has all these amazing writers and pieces […]
  11. clickables
    Check Out Grantland’s Chart of the 66 Most Popular Actors on HBOHBO: big on recycling.