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  1. Talking ‘Guy Suavé: Homicidal Spy’ with Jay Johnston and Eric Von HoffmanEric Von Hoffman and Jay Johnston have helped create, write, and star as many characters during their time on shows like Mr. Show and W/ Bob […]
  2. Andy Kaufman Gets Illustrated in ‘Is This Guy for Real?’Around 2010, I worked at a coffee shop for a man who believed Andy Kaufman was still alive. It had been a generation since Kaufman’s apparent […]
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    My Friend Dahmer Trailer: We Need to Talk About JeffreyThe account of the serial killer’s teen years is based on the titular graphic novel by author and Dahmer classmate Derf Backderf.
  4. graphic novels
    George Takei Is Working on a Graphic Novel About His LifeTakei is bringing his experiences as a child in a World War II government-internment camp to a new medium.
  5. creative collaborations
    The Black Eyed Peas Are Making a Zombie Graphic Novel for MarvelIt’s called Masters of the Sun — The Zombie Chronicles.
  6. sequential art
    Tom Hart’s Incredible, Tragic Rosalie LightningGraphic novelist Tom Hart discusses his new book, which details loss in a stunning way.
  7. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Graphic Novels of 2015Solid showings from old pros and young upstarts.
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    Margaret Atwood Pens Superhero ComicPredicting the hottest new name for cats will be Angel Catbird.
  9. Johnny Knoxville Is Producing a ‘Hawaiian Dick’ TV Adaptation for NBCNBC has put a new comedy into development from executive producer Johnny Knoxville. According to Variety, the network is working on an hourlong […]
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    Will Eisner and the Secret History of the Graphic NovelAn exclusive excerpt from a new Eisner biography.
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    Glenn Head’s Chicago Is a Titillating, Brutal Comics MemoirAutobiography at its most sadistic.
  12. wordless novels
    Art Spiegelman Talks Graphic Novels and E-CigsThe comics artist has a live show this weekend.
  13. Scott McCloud on His Graphic Novel The SculptorThe writer of Making Comics has now made his own — and it’s great. 
  14. immortality
    Exclusive: Image Taps Comics Stars to Explore Life After DeathSuperstars Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire at the helm.
  15. casualties of cyberwar
    The Story Behind Steve Carell’s North Korea FilmOne of the worst casualties of Interview-gate.
  16. old dogs and new tricks
    Dear Hollywood: Stop Using Frank Miller’s Batman Stories As Source MaterialGet some new ideas. We’ll help.
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    Max Brooks on His New Graphic Novel, The Harlem HellfightersThe World War Z writer describes how he came to be writing a historical graphic novel about an inspiring black World War I fighting squad.
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    Fight Club Getting a Comic Book SequelTyler Durden kidnaps Jack and Marla’s son.
  19. Chris Ware’s ‘Building Stories’: Finding Joy in the Most Unexpected Places No one seems to think Chris Ware is very funny these days. Judging by most of the reviews of his recent Building Stories — a graphic […]
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    Y: The Last Man Now One of New Line’s First PrioritiesThe studio may finally be getting around to making that feature-film version of the graphic novel.
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    The Walking Dead Novels Devour Bestseller ListThe Times’ list has never seen carnage quite like this.
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    Spielberg and Fringe Team Join for Locke and KeyGraphic novel is written by Stephen King’s son.
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    Anne Frank’s Diaries Become a Graphic NovelHmmm.
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    Read an Excerpt From R. Crumb’s The Band Genesis IllustratedBrilliant.
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    See a Preview of Ghost World Cartoonist Daniel Clowes’s New BookIt’s called ‘Wilson.’
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    See a Sneak Peek of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the Graphic NovelCharmingly grisly.
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    See R. Crumb’s Book of GenesisThis somewhat lurid graphic novel was an instant sensation upon its debut.
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    Read the Muppet Wicker Man Online Comic BookFor Muppet-loving ‘Wicker Man’ fans who also enjoy graphic novels
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    Read the First Installment of Zahra’s Paradise, the Anonymous, Serialized Iranian Graphic NovelA cartoon about social and political life in modern-day Iran.
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    Ten Literary Classics Made Better As Comic BooksFrom ‘Macbeth’ to ‘I Am Legend.’
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    Read the Ultimate Graphic Novel (in Six Frames)