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  1. 8 Things Today’s Movie Musicals Can Learn from GreaseIn honor of Grease’s theatrical rerelease, we’ve laid out eight important movie-musical lessons it has bestowed upon us.
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    Grease: Live Is the First TV Musical to Feel Like Actual TheaterA pity Grease itself isn’t better.
  3. grease live
    The Highs and Lows of Grease: LiveAll hail director Tommy Kail.
  4. overnights
    Glee Recap: Glease Is The WordThanks for the lesson on how to binge and purge, Glee.
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    Stockard Channing Would Love to Be on SmashShe’d bust out Rizzo for the occasion.
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    Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Summer Nights’ Best?Vote for your favorite cover of the Grease classic.
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    Consider the Legal Implications of Grease’s ‘Summer Nights’Uh, what did you say, Kenickie?
  8. broadwaypocalypse
    Come January, Grease Will No Longer Be the WordLike every other show on Broadway, it’s closing.
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    Vin Diesel Is Getting ‘Riddick’-ulousAh, the last week in August, a magical time of year when we publish the hopeful ramblings of actors, musicians, and homeless crazy people in lieu of actual news.
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    Matthew Weiner Has the DSM-IV to Thank for ‘Mad Men’Plus: How does ‘Grease’ veteran Luke Goss feel about hearing ‘Summer Nights’ on the radio?
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    Tony Predictions: Song-and-Dance DivisionCan anyone beat Kelli O’Hara or Patti LuPone? No.
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    Broadway Theaters: The New Ticket Scalpers