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Great Adaptations

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    P.S. I Love You Is Getting a Sequel, Will Trade Letters for PodcastsAnd it’ll hopefully bring back its best actor: the Irish countryside.
  2. great adaptations
    Another Game of Thrones Actor Has Been Tempted Into Amazon’s Lord of the RingsYoung Ned Stark, welcome.
  3. hamilton burger is shaking
    Great Synergy: Matthew Rhys’s Perry Mason Wears Same Hat As Perry the PlatypusFedora for your thoughts?
  4. great adaptations
    15 Fantasy Adaptations We’re Excited to See on TV SoonSwords, potions, magic, oh my.
  5. great adaptations
    An Anonymous Girl to Become Known As a TV SeriesUSA is adapting it.
  6. great adaptations
    19 Book-to-Film Adaptations Coming in 2019We hope you like Stephen King.
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    10 Book-to-TV Adaptations Coming in 2019All it took for George Clooney to return to his small-screen roots was … good satire.
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    Outlander’s Willingness to Depart From the Books Has Made It BetterSeason four’s biggest alteration to Diana Gabaldon’s novels reveals that Outlander’s best hope for the future is to do what feels right for the show.
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    For the Love of Sauron! Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Adaptation Finds Its WritersIt’s a dynamic duo.
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    Aidy Bryant Is Getting Her Own Series at HuluBut what does this mean for SNL?
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    Nicole Kidman Is Bringing The Female Persuasion to the Big ScreenThe book was only released this month.
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    Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Isn’t Going to Have Any SongsSorry, music lovers.
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    Kerry Washington Is Adapting The Mothers for the Big ScreenSo. Many. Secrets.
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    AMC Is Adapting Another John le Carré Spy Novel for Your Viewing Pleasure[Golden Globes committee salivates in anticipation.]
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    Underground Railroad to Become Limited SeriesThis is bound to be brilliant.
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    The Miniaturist Getting Television AdaptationThanks, BBC!