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Great British Baking Show

  1. the great british breaking no
    The First Minute of This Season of Bake Off Will Achy Break Your BrainThere must’ve been a dozen points where someone could’ve stepped back and reconsidered, but no one did.
  2. tv
    Great British Bake Off Knows Just What We KneadThe series today announced celebrity stars Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy.
  3. a long talk
    Paul W.S. Anderson Is the King of Violent, Relentless, Go-for-Broke ThrillersHis movies that were once dismissed by critics have retroactively gained respect. But he hasn’t forgotten those early reviews.
  4. soggy bottoms
    Trixie and Katya Watch Great British Baking Show, Are Horny for Paul Hollywood“Walk by and slit me in the finger, Paul.”
  5. ready! set! interview!
    Great British Baking Show’s Laura Adlington on Competing in a ‘Lovely’ Bubble“The production tried their best to keep us apart, but we were a close and friendly bunch.”
  6. ready set controversy
    GBBO’s Hermine Writes Farewell Letter As World Mourns Her EliminationMeanwhile, a baker who’s advancing to the finals, Laura, is being subjected to online harassment.
  7. trailer mix
    Coronavirus Won’t Stop Roulades in This New Great British Baking Show TrailerAnd a new presenter joins the team.
  8. ready set bake
    The Great British Baking Show Returns Next Week With 100 Percent Less TentA “biosphere” was created at a countryside hotel.
  9. the great british controversy off
    Great British Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood Under Fire for Nazi Outfit“I am absolutely devastated …”