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  1. Green Lantern No. 76 Was the Moment Superhero Comics Got WokeA particular page from Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams was a sensation when it was published in 1970.
  2. dream casting
    Sterling K. Brown Is Ready to Be a Green LanternLet’s just put him in the Marvel and DC cinematic universes.
  3. superheroes
    Batman v Superman Writer David Goyer Tapped for Green Lantern MovieJustin Rhodes will co-write.
  4. dead presidents
    Deadpool Is About to Make a Crazy Amount of MoneyLike, potentially record-breaking crazy.
  5. flops
    Ryan Reynolds Gives Green Lantern a 1 Out of 10 (1=Bad)Deadpool makes up for it, though.
  6. The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Paul Scheer on Terrible MoviesPaul Scheer started a weekly podcast called “How Did This Get Made?” just to talk about bad movies with his friends, so when he was on my show […]
  7. comic books
    DC Reveals Green Lantern Is Its Gay SuperheroMazel tov.
  8. superheroes
    Check Out Some Minimalist Superhero ArtYour childhood, all grown up and hanging from walls.
  9. movies
    Eleven Lessons Hollywood Should Learn From Summer Movie SeasonWhy ‘Bad Teacher’ was a hit but ‘The Change-Up’ wasn’t, why Marvel’s superhero scored but DC’s didn’t, and more.
  10. celebrity divorce
    Ryan Reynolds Is Having a Bad MonthHe is officially no longer married to Scarlett Johansson.
  11. weekend box office
    Cars 2 Wins the Box OfficeWho needs critics when you have kids?
  12. talk
    Do You See 3-D Movies in 2-D?Because it’s too expensive, or because you’re kinda over the whole 3-D thing?
  13. talk
    Review Green Lantern in One SentenceDid it leave you seeing red?
  14. your box office explained
    Green Lantern, the Underperforming Superhero’Green Lantern’ takes in $52, but it cost a lot more.
  15. movie review
    Movie Review: Green Lantern and the Color of BoredomThis film falls to Earth wicked fast.
  16. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Ryan Reynolds Does a Hysterical German AccentPlus: ‘Transformers’ leading lady and Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley teaches Jimmy Fallon to catwalk, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
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    Watch Ryan Reynolds Decide Whether He’s Got Better Abs Than Ryan GoslingAlso: Blake Lively is asked whether “Serena van der Woodsen” is a ridiculous name.
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    See the Muppets Movie’s Green Lantern Parody TrailerIt’s not in Swedish.
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    Watch The Onion’s Highly Informed Green Lantern Review“Suddenly, boom, he’s the Green Lantern, and he’s forced to…deal with something, I’m not really sure.”
  20. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jay Leno Torches Kim Kardashian’s Diamond RingPlus: Ryan Reynolds endures “borderline sexual harassment” on the set of ‘Green Lantern,’ and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
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    Watch a New Trailer for Green LanternIt’s dramatic.
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    As The Dark Knight Recedes, Have Superheroes Gotten Happy Again?’Thor,’ ‘Green Lantern,’ and ‘Captain America’ have turned their backs on the downbeat superheroics of ‘The Dark Knight.’
  23. trouble
    Green Lantern Battling Special-Effects CrisisThe budget was upped $9 million as effects companies fell behind.
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    See the First Image of Green Lantern’s Tomar-ReMore CGI within.
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    Green Lantern Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Flies High (Though He’s Already Super Between the Sheets)A must-see for Peter Sarsgaard’s giant, mutated head alone.
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    See 30 Seconds of Fast-Edited Green Lantern FootageIt’s very, very quick.
  27. the brown lantern
    See Ryan Reynolds As the Green Lantern, Sort OfIf they’d given him a real Green Lantern suit, he’d have pooped in it.
  28. ryan reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds On-Set Injury Deemed ‘Minor"; World Breathes Sigh of ReliefRumors swirled about a serious shoulder separation.
  29. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Spacey, Judy GreerPlus: Former ‘Dexter’ showrunner gets a development deal.
  30. Green Lantern Villain Looks FamiliarHe’s related to Cher.
  31. green lantern
    Green Lantern Character Loses Weight for MovieMaybe Angela Bassett will wear a fat suit?
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    Industry Roundup: Brad Bird, Diablo CodyPlus: Bomer and Graynor join ‘Number.’
  33. 3-d
    Lantern, Punch Hop On the 3-D BandwagonBecause two dimensions clearly will no longer suffice.
  34. the industry
    Jack Bauer to Kill Terrorists on the Big ScreenPlus: Tim Robbins to sire Peter Sarsgaard.
  35. sarsgaards
    Peter Sarsgaard to Make Trouble for Green LanternPeter Sarsgaard is reportedly in talks with Warner Bros. to play the villain opposite Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern.
  36. the industry
    Blake Lively to Turn on the Green LanternPlus: Channing Tatum! Antonio Banderas! Frances McDormand!
  37. aquaman
    An Aquaman Movie: Could It Happen?Yes, apparently!
  38. green lantern
    Sorry, JT!Ryan Reynolds beats out Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake.
  39. jt
    Will Justin Timberlake Wear the Power Ring?Justin Timberlake is being considered by Warner Bros. to play Hal Jordan in next December’s Green Lantern movie. Yes, this is a bad idea.
  40. trailer mix
    Fan-Made Green Lantern Trailer Aims to Satiate Fanboys EverywhereAnd you know what? It mostly succeeds.
  41. actor shortages
    Captain Kirk to Possibly Play Green LanternWill Chris Pine, star of J.J. Abrams’s ‘Star Trek’ reboot also play Hal Jordan?
  42. casting
    Green Lantern Casting Rumors Were News to Anton YelchinBut we think he’d be perfect to play Hal Jordan in ten years when Warner Bros. inevitably reboots the franchise again.
  43. casting
    Five-Year-Old in Talks to Play the Green Lantern?The guy from ‘Charlie Barlett’?
  44. harry potter
    Daniel Radcliffe to Be Unemployed in 2011The last-ever Harry Potter movie will open on July 15, 2011!
  45. right-click
    Nas Is Ready to Make a ProjectionPlus: Scott Weiland does Bowie!
  46. the industry
    Citizen FoxxPlus: ‘Beethoven 6!’
  47. apropos of nothing
    ‘Justice League’ Movie Cast As Cheaply As PossibleRemember back when the Justice League of America movie was first announced, and all the casting gossip focused on big names like Jake Gyllenhaal, Leonardo DiCaprio, Laurence Fishburne, Scarlett Johansson, Mel Gibson, and Bruce Willis? Well, those actors were too expensive.
  48. the industry
    Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke Prepare to ‘Cry’Plus industry news on popular superheroes the Flash, Green Lantern, and Clipse.