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Growing Up

  1. growing up
    Can Bhad Bhabie Rap?She’s exceeded the low bar of the click-based content mills which produced her lurid doppelgängers.
  2. growing up
    The Will & Grace Revival Will Officially Be ‘Woke’Everyone is a little older and a little wiser.
  3. dreams come true
    This Kid Played Onstage With Bruce Springsteen TwiceOnce in 2013 and again last week.
  4. music videos
    Zayn Debuts Melancholy ‘It’s You’ Music Video In which Zayn pouts in black-and-white in his gorgeous mansion.
  5. growing up
    Clarissa Grows Up in Lena Dunham’s WorldShe’s not such a know-it-all anymore.
  6. growing up
    Willow Smith Dropped Out of Annie[Sad emoji.]
  7. girls
    Lena Dunham Just Wants What We All WantWhich is for our parents to take care of us and also leave us alone.
  8. growing up
    In Defense of Miley Cyrus’s Adorable Child Star RebellionFree Miley!
  9. growing up
    Justin Bieber Wisely Remixes Frank Ocean, Less Wisely Recruits Jaden SmithHear his “Thinkin About You” cover.
  10. growing up
    Justin Bieber Hit With His First Paternity SuitUh-oh.
  11. growing up
    Zac Efron Finally Becomes a ManAh yes, we remember our first photo shoot with a topless supermodel.