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  1. under pressure
    Basically Every Famous Director Is Petitioning to Save FilmStruckRian Johnson, Guillermo Del Toro, Sofia Coppola, and more have signed letters trying to save the service.
  2. netflix
    Guillermo del Toro Is Making a Stop-Motion Pinocchio for NetflixThe Shape of … not lying in two years.
  3. casting couch
    Keri Russell Hoofs It Over to Guillermo del Toro–Produced Thriller AntlersIt doesn’t sound like she’ll be making love to a humanoid deer-man, but we’re left to wonder.
  4. horror
    Guillermo del Toro Is Creating a Horror Anthology for NetflixThe director also works with Netflix on the animated series Trollhunters.
  5. cut for time
    Adam Driver Has His Own Li’l Shape of Water in Cut-for-Time SNL SketchGuillermo del Toro is somewhere, angrily ripping his The Shape of Water 2 script in half right now.
  6. The History of Giant Robots in Pop CultureThere’s a long and storied tradition of watching huge robots beat up monsters.
  7. Pacific Rim Uprising Might Be the Most China-Bait Studio Release YetAnd that’s not entirely a bad thing.
  8. 5 Iconic Moments From Guillermo del Toro FilmsThe Shape of Water director took home two Oscars at the 2018 Academy Awards.
  9. How Did The Shape of Water Pull Off That Best Picture Win?Five reasons why Guillermo del Toro’s film won the Oscar.
  10. oscars 2018
    The Highs and Lows of the 2018 Oscars CeremonyFrom Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph to Rita Moreno and all those endless montages.
  11. sex
    Doug Jones Isn’t Too Thrilled About Shape of Water Dildo You Keep Bringing Up“The last thing I want to be remembered for is a silicone appendage that comes in two sizes.”
  12. awards season
    Directors Guild of America Nominations Recognize Jordan Peele and Greta GerwigPeele also received a second nomination for best first feature.
  13. guillermo del toro
    Guillermo del Toro Approves of Natalie Portman’s ‘All-Male Nominees’ Comment“I think it was great! She should say exactly what she feels.”
  14. How Doug Jones Became Guillermo del Toro’s Favorite MonsterIn The Shape of Water, the 57-year-old actor gets to be something he’d never been before — the hero.
  15. awards
    Los Angeles Film Critics Association Announces 2017 Award WinnersCall Me by Your Name takes home Best Picture.
  16. How Guillermo del Toro Cast Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water“I hugged her. And I said, ‘I’m writing a movie for you where you fall in love with a fish man!’”
  17. interspecies sex
    The Shape of Water Is About a Woman Who Falls for a Fish-Man. Do They Have Sex?An answer to your deepest, darkest question.
  18. how to win an oscar
    Guillermo del Toro Hopes You’re Ready to Fall in Love With a MonsterHis new film, The Shape of Water, is an old-fashioned love story, with the Creature from the Black Lagoon as the misunderstood leading man.
  19. Watch an Adorable Exclusive Clip From The Shape of WaterGuillermo del Toro’s acclaimed film is bursting with movie love.
  20. vulture festival la 2017
    Guillermo del Toro: The Shape of Water Shows ‘The Beauty of the Other’“What makes us different is what makes us great,” del Toro said.
  21. Guillermo del Toro: Federico Luppi [Was] the Most Human Presence Onscreen Ever’Outside of Argentina, the late actor was best known for his work with del Toro.
  22. The Shape of Water Is an Utterly Lovely But Complacent MovieDel Toro’s influences have been distilled and reassembled into a stylized Girl Meets Gill Man fairy tale that shimmers with its filmmaker’s love.
  23. Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water Wins the Golden Lion at VeniceSome Oscar hopefuls got a nice boost on Saturday.
  24. cannes 2017
    Salma Hayek Brought Her Own Mariachi Band to the Cannes 70th-Anniversary PartyThen Guillermo del Toro led a sing-a-long with Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, and Alejandro Iñárritu.
  25. cannes 2017
    Isabelle Huppert and the Power of Cinema at Cannes’ 70th AnniversaryCan Isabelle Huppert host the Oscars now, please?
  26. movies
    Sorry, Guillermo del Toro Says Hellboy 3 Isn’t Happening“Superhero seeks employment. Likes pizza, cats, and the Marx bros.”
  27. Guillermo del Toro Blasts ‘Barriers That People Are Trying to Erect Between Us’In accepting the Filmmaker Award at the 64th Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards.
  28. trailer mix
    Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters Has a TrailerIt looks heavy on the trolls indeed.
  29. season renewals
    The Strain Renewed for a Fourth and Final SeasonThe final season will air in summer 2017.
  30. the art world
    See Guillermo del Toro’s LACMA Monster ExhibitOn view until November 27.
  31. the industry
    Amazon Orders Pilots from Del Toro and PalladinoThe streaming service ordered five pilots in all.
  32. the industry
    Pacific Rim 2 Back on With Steven S. DeKnight“Dream of Kaijus and Mecha!!”
  33. the wendigo
    Guillermo del Toro Is Developing Scary StoriesHe will produce and possibly direct the project.
  34. the industry
    Guillermo del Toro Making Cartoon for NetflixIt’s called Trollhunters.
  35. casting couch
    Emma Stone in Talks for Guillermo del Toro Thriller Crimson PeakTwo very busy souls.
  36. thanks but no thanks
    Guillermo Del Toro Turned Down Star WarsHe’s too busy.
  37. trailer mix
    Pacific Rim Trailer: Guillermo del Toro’s Godzilla-KillerA promising look at the monsters versus robots film.
  38. stage adaptations
    A Pan’s Labyrinth Musical Is on the WayIiiiinteresting.
  39. new jobs
    The Very Busy Guillermo del Toro Will Direct Crimson PeakBoOOoOoOooOo: It’s about ghosts.
  40. shortlists
    Who’s on the Short List for the Planet of the Apes Sequel?Cloverfield director Matt Reeves is said to be the top contender.
  41. pick up lines
    Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse Sell The Strain to FXBased on del Toro’s trilogy of vampire novels.
  42. in development
    HBO Options Guillermo Del Toro SeriesBased on the true story of a woman whose dollhouse miniatures helped invent modern forensics.
  43. pacific rim
    Watch an In-Depth Interview With Guillermo del Toro About Pacific RimFind out what “alien kaiju” is!
  44. comic-con 2012
    Comic-Con Roundup: Pacific Rim, Hobbit, ElysiumHow did these huge tentpoles fare?
  45. pinocchio
    Take a Look at Guillermo del Toro’s PinocchioQuite the schnoz, huh?
  46. pacific rim
    Get a First Look at Idris Elba in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific RimSee you on opening night!
    Guillermo del Toro on the Death of Ray BradburyThe Pan’s Labyrinth director e-mailed Vulture a brief message on the passing of a fiction titan.
  48. pacific rim
    Guillermo del Toro’s Monsters-Versus-Robots Film Turns Out to Be Just ThatIt’s Kaiju (monsters) versus Jaegers (robots).
  49. firsts
    Guillermo del Toro Will Direct That Weird Pinocchio Movie After AllHe was already onboard as a producer.
  50. ratings
    Prometheus Will Be Rated RAnd may have thwarted Guillermo Del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness.
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