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  1. axl
    Axl Rose Files Lawsuit Because He Hates Slash So MuchHe’s suing the makers of Guitar Hero for $20 million for using Slash’s image.
  2. honky tonk blues
    Band Hero’s Gwen Stefani Sings Covers, Real Gwen Stefani SuesThe creators of the video game Band Hero are being sued by the members of No Doubt because the band didn’t realize it was being made into a “virtual karaoke circus act.”
  3. avatar
    Surviving Nirvana Members Request ‘Re-Locking’ of Kurt’s Guitar Hero Avatar“We urge Activision to do the right thing in ‘re-locking’ Kurt’s character.”
  4. Courtney Love, Too, Creeped Out by Kurt Cobain’s Guitar Hero Avatar“i may have been forced by some lying lawyers to sell some publishing, but i never signed off on this guitar hero thing. breach of contract!”
  5. the horror the horror
    Courtney Love Gives Kurt Cobain a Bad Name in Guitar Hero 5We hope that Courtney Love uses the proceeds from this digital atrocity to send Frances Bean to the college of her choosing!
  6. tributes
    Kurt Cobain, From the Muddy Banks of Uncanny ValleyThis is the most we’ve been creeped out by a video game since the original Resident Evil.
  7. video games
    Look Out, Here Comes Guitar Hero: Van HalenBut can it be more fun than the David Lee Roth soundboard?
  8. guitar hero
    Guitar Hero’s Tragic FallWow, that was fast.
  9. the industry
    Brett Ratner Wants to Make a Guitar Hero MoviePlus: They’ve found the perfect director for ‘Voltron’! It’s some dude who directed ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’!
  10. tube junkie
    How Good Is the World’s Greatest Guitar Hero Player Anyway?Better than you are at anything.
  11. apropos of nothing
    New York ‘Times’ Editorial Board Weighs In on Rumored Beatles Video GamePossible proof that all the world’s newsmakers are on vacation this week.
  12. the take
    Music Festival to Feature … Dudes Playing Guitar HeroFor your ticket price of £130, you get to watch pasty-faced dudes play video games on stage.
  13. apropos of nothing
    Warning: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith May Be Hazardous to Your iPodWe just played it, and we’re already looking for ‘Get a Grip’ on Soulseek.
  14. beef
    Charlie Daniels vs. Guitar HeroThe country-music star takes issue with GHIII’s use of his “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” (with semi-hilarious results).
  15. beef
    Gibson Guitars vs. Guitar HeroCan you patent the concept of air guitar?
  16. agenda
    Latest Guitar Hero game to occupy real bands for months.Could Guitar Hero get any geekier—or more world-changingly awesome? It could and will.
  17. quote machine
    John Cusack’s Lost That Loving FeelingRyan Phillipe, Tom Morello, and more!