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  1. close reads
    The Most Nauseating Moment in Who Is America?The distance between Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy and the real world has gotten much smaller since Da Ali G Show.
  2. who is america?
    Sacha Baron Cohen Wants to Arm America’s Toddlers in This Who Is America? ClipFeaturing cameos by many fawning members of Congress.
  3. ‘The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Heads to a March for Our Lives […]While late night hosts Jordan Klepper and Samantha Bee were attending March for Our Lives in Washington DC over the weekend, Daily Show […]
  4. John Oliver Compares NRATV’s Programming to a “Deranged Letter from a […]A growing list of companies have cut ties with the NRA since the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, but during last night’s Last Week Tonight, […]
  5. ‘The Opposition’s Jordan Klepper, Tim Baltz, and Kobi Libii Head to CPAC […]If you’re not familiar with what went down at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week, don’t worry, because The Opposition ran a […]
  6. Instead of Good Guys With Guns, Jordan Klepper Suggests Gooder Guys […]As someone who starred in a multi-part Daily Show segment called “Good Guy with a Gun” as well as his own special exploring gun control in the […]
  7. bad timing
    Marilyn Manson Returned to the Stage by Pointing a Fake Rifle at an AudienceHe claims it was an “act of theater” to make a statement about gun violence.
  8. NBC Will Air ‘The Carmichael Show’s Mass Shooting Episode This WeekNot long after pulling The Carmichael Show’s gun violence-themed episode, NBC has decided to let the episode see the light of day. According to […]
  9. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Calls Out the NRA for Silence on Philando Castile’s Death“According to their rhetoric, this is everything they stand against, right?”
  10. Why NBC Shouldn’t Have Pulled ‘The Carmichael Show’s Gun Violence EpisodeOn Wednesday, the country was shocked by the events in Alexandria, Virginia, where a gunman targeted a congressional baseball practice. The […]
  11. Talking with Jordan Klepper About Empathy, His Gun Control Special, and […] After the London terror attack last weekend, Donald Trump thought a perfectly rational response would be to go on Twitter and ask his 32 […]
  12. Jordan Klepper Heads to an NRA Convention to Promote His Comedy Central […]Daily Show correspondent and upcoming Comedy Central late night host Jordan Klepper has a new special premiering this weekend, and today the […]
  13. the new samantha bee
    Keegan-Michael Key Runs Billy’s Gun CourseFish that shotgun out of George Washington’s nose!
  14. crimes
    Gun Charge Against Desiigner Has Been DroppedHe still faces a felony drug charge, though.
  15. party chats
    Miles Teller Is Going Duck HuntingJonah Hill: “I’m not a big fan of them.”
  16. crime
    Man Pulls Gun on Child in Star Trek ScreeningIn Paducah, Kentucky.
  17. o' canada
    Guns N’ Roses Detained for Gun PossessionAxl Rose: “So, we weren’t exactly arrested.”
  18. lawless
    Check Out the Guns to Be Used in LawlessCome on, get trigger happy!
  19. guns
    David Fincher Keeps a Rifle on His DeskTo keep all those intimidating actors on their toes.
  20. clickables
    Judge 2010’s Best Books by Their Ability to Stop a BulletMaybe still pack your bulletproof vest.
  21. trailer mix
    Gun Trailer: Written by Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson …Uh-oh.
  22. movies
    See 50 Cent’s Unintentionally Hilarious Gun Movie PosterVal Kilmer must’ve called in sick that day.
  23. apropos of nothing
    ‘G.I. Joe’ Photos Confirm Sienna Miller’s Promise: ‘Guns, Tits, Ass, No Acting’It turns out Sienna Miller’s artful description wasn’t far off.