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  1. stop-motion
    Watch Delicious-Looking Food Perform Iconic Rap SongsYo! Pancakes rap!
  2. guru
    Guru’s Sister Speaks Out on Solar“My brother would never have wanted us to find out that way. Never in a million years.”
  3. music
    Download D.J. Premier’s Guru Tribute MixThe other half of Gang Starr offers up a free mix.
  4. guru
    D.J. Premier Has Released a Statement on GuruNicely done, sir.
  5. guru
    Guru’s Sister: Guru Couldn’t Have Written ‘Deathbed Letter’Patricia Elam says her brother never regained consciousness following a February heart attack.
  6. obits
    Gang Starr’s Guru Dies at 47Sad news.
  7. guru
    Gang Starr’s Guru Is Out of Coma“I am doing fine and I am recovering! I’m weak though … I appreciate your well wishes and all the love!”
  8. guru
    Gang Starr’s Guru Is in a ComaHe’s currently in a New York–area hospital.