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Gut Reactions

  1. gut reactions
    Let’s Talk About the Final Season of The KillingMamas, don’t send your kids to military school.
  2. gut reactions
    Spoilers: Let’s Talk Orange Is the New Black S2There’s much to discuss.
  3. gut reactions
    See Greta Gerwig’s Appropriate Reaction to RDJWe’re with you, Greta.
  4. jt q&a
    10 Questions We Can Now Answer About JT’s AlbumDo any of the songs sound like Gloria Estefan? Yes!
  5. gut reactions
    It’s Hard Out There for a Teen, and Other Thoughts on the Grammy NominationsDon’t talk to Nicki Minaj today.
  6. gut reactions
    Dedication 4 Arrives, Lil Wayne Kind of ReturnsIt’s not awful.