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Guys And Dolls

  1. casting
    Mandy Moore and Busy Philipps Have Had It With Hollywood DudesAnd anyone else who stands between them and auditioning for the Guys and Dolls movie.
  2. musicals
    Channing Tatum, JGL Up for Guys and Dolls MovieAnd the people all said sit down, sit down you’re rocking the boat.
  3. the industry
    Jesse Eisenberg Will Not Hold His PeacePlus: More ‘Futurama’!
  4. the industry
    Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau Are Going to Be So Sick of Each OtherPlus: Yep, they’re doing a new ‘Melrose Place.’
  5. tube junkie
    Finally, a Man Who Treats His Sex Doll Like a LadyMost people use the $6,500, custom-made RealDoll as God intended, for boning. But the four RealDoll owners in director Nick Holt’s recent NSFW TV documentary, Guys and Dolls, are deeper than that.