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H.p. Lovecraft

  1. trailer mix
    The Elder Gods Are Ready for Their Close-ups in HBO’s Lovecraft Country TrailerThat might not be Cthulhu itself, but they’re definitely at least cousins.
  2. cthulhu fhtagn
    Game of Thrones Showrunners to Get Eldritch Up in Here With Lovecraft ThrillerIn his house at R’lyeh, an undead IP waits dreaming.
  3. the cult of cthulhu
    Stephen King and Cthulhu Fight Over Donald TrumpIn his house of the Trump, the Donald waits dreaming.
  4. clickables
    See a Dr. Seuss–H.P. Lovecraft Hybrid’The Call of Cthulhu’ as you’ve never seen it before.
  5. clickables
    Imagine Seventh Grade Sex-Ed As Taught by H. P. LovecraftHere’s ‘Late Bloomer.’