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  1. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Celebrates DOJ Arrest of Alleged Arby’s HackersOur elections might remain vulnerable, but your secret Double Beef ‘N Cheddar habit will finally see justice.
  2. How Realistic Are Hollywood Hacking Scenes?“Type ‘cookie,’ you idiot!”
  3. hacking
    Nathan Fielder Demonstrates How Someone, Not Him, Could Hack Emmys Voting System “What I uncovered is shocking to say the least, and really shocking to say the most.”
  4. sundance 2017
    The FBI Is Reviewing the Sundance Film Festival CyberattackA hack that shut down box offices on Saturday is being looked into.
  5. useful advice
    Chuck Lorre Tells Julian Assange to Hack Trump“Time to step up, J-man.”
  6. hacking
    Taylor Swift’s Twitter Was HackedBy the Lizard Squad.
  7. hacking
    Is North Korea Behind the Sony Pictures Hackings?Investigators say evidence points, potentially, to yes.
  8. The Daily Show’s Steve Bodow Hacks The New York Times“What’s up, Times readers? Normally right now you’d be nodding off over a very thoughtful prescription for offering Qaddafi an honorable exile […]