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  1. last night on late night
    Julia Roberts Says Red Carpet Armpit Hair Wasn’t a Statement, Just Armpit HairDo the children even know about the 1999 Notting Hill premiere?!
  2. hair
    Mahershala Ali Looks Very Good, Very Concerned in New True Detective PhotosAnd let’s meet Stephen Dorff’s wig.
  3. follicles
    Male SNL Cast Members Made Maya Rudolph Feel Bad About Her Hair“Is something burning in here? What’s burning?”
  4. hair
    Timothée Chalamet Has Gone All Medieval on His HairHis Henry V look is v striking.
  5. live musicals
    NBC Will Stage Hair As a Live Musical, So Start Wondering About the NuditySo, did anyone tell them about all the full frontal?
  6. wigs
    How Atlanta Robbin’ Season Got Tracy’s Waves So Impossibly LaidSpoiler: It’s not real hair.
  7. sexual assault
    Ben Vereen Accused of Sexual Assault While Directing Florida Production of HairSeveral women involved in a 2015 Florida production with Vereen have come forward.
  8. How to Turn Margot Robbie Into Tonya HardingTales from the set of I, Tonya include beer-soaked wigs, figure skaters in fat suits, and 96 separate costume changes.
  9. spot the wig
    The Best Retro Hairstyles of Stranger Things 2Can you spot the wigs?
  10. stranger things 2
    How to Get Steve’s Hair in Stranger Things Without the Farrah Fawcett HairsprayThe Duffer Brothers couldn’t use the actual hairspray or the ‘80s commercial, so here’s what they did instead.
  11. Alexander Skarsgård Is Too Beautiful for This LookSkarsgård, who has a nice head of hair, shaved a lot of it off.
  12. last night on late night
    Lin-Manuel Miranda and James Corden Stop Traffic With Hair and Their WigsYes, they do, ahem, let the sunshine in.
  13. hairy situations
    Finally, the World Learns What Happened to the Weeknd’s HairDon’t worry, it’s somewhere safe.
  14. last nigt on late night
    Laverne Cox Extolls the Benefits of HairographyYour head’s new favorite dance.
  15. lock of love
    David Bowie’s Hair Is Up for AuctionIt’s expected to fetch at least $4,000.
  16. imagine no possessions
    A Lock of John Lennon’s Hair Sold for $35KThe 4-inch lock of hair was cut in 1967.
  17. hair
    And Now, a Tribute to Kate Mara’s Awful Wig in Fantastic FourWhich sections of the movie were totally reshot? You’ll know them when this blonde monstrosity pops up.
  18. lady gaga
    Whoa, Lady Gaga’s New Wig Lights Up!Lady Gaga is your new Disney Princess from the future.
  19. robyn
    Check Out Robyn’s Bold New HairstyleRobyn turned those long-eared animal winter hats into a thing because she is Robyn, and no one is better than Robyn, case closed.
  20. hair
    The Red Hair in Brave Was Made of 1,500 CurlsThat’s a lot of computer animation.
  21. stuck in the past
    Cameron Diaz Versus Cameron Diaz’s HairShe wants to move on. Her hair desperately wants to regain some of that Something About Mary mojo.
  22. hair
    See a PSA Warning Against Lace FrontsTo all the Real Housewives: We see your lace fronts. Cool it. Bye!
  23. stage dive
    Theater Review: A Chaotic Remix of Romeo and JulietAlso: The return of ‘Hair.’
  24. clickables
    Watch Bald Lady Gaga Sing ‘Hair’ at a Furry PianoLots of textural statements here.
  25. hair
    The Beard Symposium: Stalley and Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull Rate the Facial Hair of Their Musical PeersStalley and Hull on Rick Ross, Bon Iver, Joaquin Phoenix, and many more.
  26. clickables
    Watch Carrot Top Get His Hair StraightenedSorry.
  27. clickables
    See a Handy Chart of David Lynch’s Hair Compared to Famous ArtThe David Lynch Water Lily: America’s Next Hair Craze.
  28. clickables
    Follow the Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s HairThe only person acting harder than Nicolas Cage is Nicolas Cage’s hair.
  29. broadwaypocalypse
    Hair to CloseGet a job, hippies!
  30. life after simon
    When American Idol Meets Hair, It’s All Groovy, Man — Groovy and Naked’Idol’ alumni Diane DeGarmo and Ace Young join the cast.
  31. kudos
    The Tonys: Billy, Liza, and Elle WoodsSo, there were no big upsets. But there were fun moments!
  32. in the magazine
    Anna Faris on Balancing the Hilarious and the OffensivePlus: David Edelstein on ‘Observe and Report,’ Emily Nussbaum on spring television, and much, much more!
  33. on broadway
    On the Audience Front Lines at Hair and Rock of AgesHere’s what to expect, good and bad, from two shows that have bulldozed the fourth wall.
  34. chat room
    Hair’s Will Swenson on Pantsless Acting and His Former Career in LDS Cinema“I do walk offstage sometimes like, ‘Really? I just walked around onstage with my pants off for twenty minutes?’”
  35. sadness
    Broadway’s ‘Hair’ to Be Groff-LessApparently the Tony nominee was ‘not available.’
  36. Amy Poehler Out at ‘SNL’Poehler’s leaving right after the November election.
  37. news reel
    Ricky Gervais on the Perks of Being Ricky GervaisNow that Ricky Gervais is a big Hollywood star, he won’t be inconvenienced by dogs or put off by dead, multicolored kittens.
  38. hippies
    Naked Hippies to Hit Broadway in 2009After spending all summer in Central Park, ‘Hair’ moves indoors.
  39. apropos of nothing
    With ‘Godspell’ Out, Is ‘Hair’ In on Broadway?Following the collapse of ‘Godspell,’ producers are looking to move a different hippie musical to Broadway.
  40. apropos of nothing
    ‘Valkyrie’ Officially Back in the Oscar Race!Merry Christmas — Tom Cruise’s Nazi movie is coming two months early!
  41. news reel
    Soaking Wet Hippies, Audience Dance Together at ‘Hair’ PremiereHarvey Fierstein was unimpressed with the nudity.
  42. chat room
    Jonathan Groff on Not Getting Naked Enough in ‘Hair’On playing the only character who doesn’t strip down.
  43. cheek by jowl
    Is ‘Hair’ Just ‘Cats’ With Hippies?A hair-to-fur analysis, in chart form.
  44. cheek by jowl
    Is ‘Hair’ Just ‘Cats’ With Hippies?A hair-to-fur analysis, in chart form.
  45. the early-evening news
    Pot Smoker Nearly Ejected From Pot-Smoking Party for Pot-SmokingPlus: Shia LaBeouf is actually a hero! And is ‘Hair’ moving to Broadway?
  46. news reel
    Michael Cerveris of ‘Cymbeline’ Has Hair, Beautiful HairOnstage, the baldy turns into Fabio … and he loves it!
  47. the industry
    ‘Sex and the City’ Throws Jennifer Hudson a Frigging BonePlus industry news on Naomi Campbell, Jonathan Groff, and Catherine Breillat.
  48. tube junkie
    ‘Don’t Stop —’
  49. apropos of nothing
    Great Moments in Addiction Subplots