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  1. ham4ham4ham4ham
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Led a Joyous Ham4Ham Revival in Los AngelesPlus: A special appearance by Daveed Diggs!
  2. ham4ham
    Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle With the Roots in a Brief Return to Ham4HamTo celebrate the release of the Hamilton instrumentals.
  3. pomp and circumstance
    Hamilton Coronates Its New King, Taran KillamNothing says royalty like some sexually laden ceremony.
  4. hamilton
    Your Turn to Lose the Hamilton Lottery, Chicago#Ham4Ham makes its triumphant return for the premiere of Hamilton in Chicago tonight.
  5. roll clip!
    Try Not to Get Too Emotional While Watching Hamilton’s Very Last Ham4HamYeah, we’re tearing up too.
  6. tear-stained goodbyes
    Ham4Ham Is Taking Itself Out of the Narrative After Tomorrow’s ShowTeach them how to say good-bye.
  7. ham4ham
    Allow Cynthia Erivo to Slay Beyoncé’s ‘Sandcastles’ in This Week’s Ham4HamStanding-ovation worthy, as usual.
  8. ham4ham4ham4ham
    Watch Daveed Diggs Dab in This Week’s Ham4Ham“It has been such an honor to perform for y’all.”
  9. ham4ham4ham4ham
    Meet Your New Ham4Ham Host in a 360-Degree VideoAaron Tveit also makes an appearance.
  10. roll clip!
    Watch the Hamilton Softball Team’s Ham4HamWhere can we buy those jerseys?
  11. 2 cool 2 ham
    Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda, Patti LuPone’s Ham4HamGive my regards to Broadway / Remember me to the Richard Rogers Theater!
  12. ham4ham
    J.J. Abrams Joined Ham4Ham to Sing Force Awakens’ Cantina SongIt’s based on Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me.”
  13. ham4ham
    Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele Do Ham4HamThis video is brought to you by dreams and Starburst.
  14. walk and talk
    Hamilton Cast Does West Wing Walk-and-TalkIt’s technically more of a stand-and-talk, but look at that camera swivel.
  15. ham4ham
    The Women of Hamilton Perform in the White HouseThe Schuyler Sisters performed in the (second) greatest city in the world (if we’re being charitable).
  16. ham4ham
    Watch Elmo Sing HamiltunesHe’ll teach you the story of tonight.
  17. Audra McDonald Sings Hamilton As Billie HolidayThe Tony winner recorded a digital Ham4Ham.
  18. ham4ham
    Jimmy Fallon Joins Ham4Ham, Does ImpressionsFrom Bono to Bruce Springsteen.
  19. hamilton week
    Hamilton’s Ham4Ham Preshow: The Complete Compendium (So Far)#Ham4Ham4Ham.
  20. ham4ham
    Watch Taran Killam Sing a Hamilton Holiday SongWho will tell your story, indeed.
  21. ham4ham
    Lin-Manuel Miranda & Lea Salonga Sing AladdinLeeeeeaaaaaaa.