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  1. theater review
    Ruth Negga’s Hamlet Is a Sweet Prince—But It’s Not a Good NightAlas.
  2. chat room
    Janet McTeer on Bernhardt/Hamlet and Whether She’d Ever Play Hamlet Herself“If I had a go, people would still say, ‘Why is Janet playing Hamlet?’”
  3. new york comic con 2018
    Good Omens’ Jon Hamm, David Tennant, and Michael Sheen Perform Dueling HamletsWell, one of them had to be Ophelia.
  4. the industry
    Riz Ahmed Developing Modern-Day Hamlet With NetflixThe upcoming Shakespeare adaptation will be set in modern-day London.
  5. theater review
    A Hamlet Where Everyone’s Onstage, and Oscar Isaac Is Among UsAnd Oscar Isaac is among us all.
  6. slings and arrows
    Oscar Isaac, Keegan Michael-Key to Star in Off Broadway HamletTo bae, or not to bae: That isn’t even a question.
  7. ban phones
    B. Cumberbatch Would Prefer You Not Record Him“It’s mortifying.”
  8. theater
    Shakespeare’s Bloody Problem: Why the Tragedies Almost Never Work AnymoreAll gore, few insights.
  9. theater
    Benedict Cumberbatch Is Going to Be HamletOn a stage in London.
  10. across the streaming-verse
    What to Stream on Netflix and Hulu This Weekend: Romeo and Juliet EditionSee the latest Romeo and Juliet adaptation, or any of these four movies based on Shakespeare plays.
  11. shakespeare
    Baz Luhrmann Thinking About a Hamlet MovieTo Baz or not to Baz.
  12. theater reviews
    The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupMarry Me a Little, Paris Commune, Hamlet, and Ten Chimneys
  13. in development
    Hamlet Is Getting a Modern-Day TV Take, TooAmerica’s Son, set in D.C.
  14. Hamlet’s Arrested Development: Teaching Shakespeare and the BluthsI’m almost the same age as Hamlet. This occurred to me at 3 AM on the night before I had to teach a class on Hamlet and Arrested Development. […]
  15. shakespeare
    Paul Giamatti to Play Hamlet in Yale ProductionThe Yale alumnus is going back to campus.
  16. remakes
    Portman Attached to ‘Edgy’ Remake of Snow WhiteMeanwhile, Emile Hirsch’s edgy ‘Hamlet’ falls apart.
  17. movies
    Would Ophelia Have Died If She Had a Sassy Gay Friend?No.
  18. the industry
    George Clooney Dumps Warner Bros.Plus: Day man! Fighter of the Night Man!
  19. the industry
    Twilight Director to Slum It With ShakespearePlus: ‘Valley Girl: The Musical.’
  20. news reel
    Shakespeare in the Park Plagued by Bad Weather, RaccoonsOne of the great thrills of live outdoor theater is knowing you could be attacked by a raccoon at any minute.
  21. tube junkie
    Video: The Scene at Last Night’s Public Theater GalaKathleen Turner plays John McCain in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Public Theater’s annual gala.
  22. the industry
    Which Gwyneth Will Be Joaquin’s ‘Lover’?Plus industry news on Will Smith, Edie Falco, and the Geek Fight of the Century.
  23. the industry
    Almodóvar’s ‘All About My Mother’ Heads to the Old Vic