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  1. chat room
    Hanna’s Esme Creed-Miles Knows How to Throw a Punch and Win a (Fake) Fight“When I started, I couldn’t punch. My punch looked shit. It wasn’t part of my bones yet.”
  2. super bowl 2019
    All The Movie and TV Trailers Released During the 2019 Super BowlAre you ready for some trailers?
  3. teen assassins
    A Hanna TV Series Is Coming to AmazonGet ready for more arrows to the neck.
  4. vulture lists
    Here Are 20 Teen Vengeance Movies for Your Petty HeartThe absolute best in adolescent revenge with cheerleaders, mutants, goth girls, witches, and more.
  5. chat room
    The Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowlands on Don’t Think, Painkillers, and the Electronic-Music Explosion “What you hear on the radio, Skrillex and David Guetta, it’s just big records and big hooks. It’s just pop music, really.”
  6. Your Box Office Explained: Hanna Beats Up On Arthur, Your HighnessAnd ‘Hop’ stays strong.
  7. weekend box office
    Hop Beats Arthur at the Box Office’Your Highness’ didn’t even make the top five.
  8. movies
    Are Martial Arts Ruining Action Movies?Every fight scene has become the same.
  9. catfights
    Hanna Director Joe Wright Finds Sucker Punch ‘Alarming’He (gasp!) compares it to the Spice Girls.
  10. clickables
    Check Out Five Short Clips From HannaDoes no one in this movie speak naturally?
  11. chat room
    Saoirse Ronan on Playing Back-to-Back Teen Killers in Hanna and Violet & Daisy“I was like, ‘Just give me the gun and I’ll shoot it, all right?’”
  12. party chat
    Director Joe Wright Hates Singing Mermaids, Loves to Screw With Ravers“I remember we really used to fuck with people’s heads, just when they were coming up on their happy pills,” says the ‘Hanna’ helmer.
  13. the industry
    Eric Bana Should Rethink His Parenting TechniquePlus: Joe Simpson finally gets a TV show!