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Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

  1. good one podcast
    Why Hannah Gadsby Structured Her New Special Like a FugueOn this week’s Good One, the comedian talks about her Nanette follow-up and how autism influences her jokes.
  2. comedy review
    In Douglas, Hannah Gadsby Strives to Manage Your ExpectationsNanette is the “Why I’m Leaving New York” essay of comedy specials, and Douglas is the “Actually I’m Still Here” next chapter.
  3. trailer mix
    Hannah Gadsby Admits She’s Out of Trauma Stories in the Douglas Trailer“I went and put all my trauma eggs into one basket like a f - - - - - - idiot, and now here we are.”
  4. comedy specials
    Hannah Gadsby’s New Special, Douglas, Gets a Premiere DateThe special heads to Netflix next month.