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  1. Paul F. Tompkins and Hannibal Buress Talk ‘Broad City,’ ‘The Eric Andre […]Here’s the latest installment of Paul F. Tompkins’s web series Speakeasy featuring special guest Hannibal Buress, who chats with Tompkins all […]
  2. Jimmy Kimmel Sent Hannibal Buress to the Nosebleed Section at the NBA […]Hannibal Buress really wanted to go see the Cavaliers play the Warriors in the NBA Finals on Sunday night, so he reached out to the most famous […]
  3. Check Out Hannibal Buress’s Webby Awards Monologue Hannibal Buress hosted the Webby Awards last night, which are like the Oscars but much less relevant and with far fewer attractive people. But […]
  4. The Sharp, Sensitive, and Surreal New Wave of Black Male Comedians“I was the black kid in school who’d skate and wrestle, who was really into outer space and botany and kung fu and hip-hop.”
  5. Hannibal Buress to a Heckler: ‘You, Sir, Are a Social Terrorist’Why do we love heckler videos so much? Is it because it’s fascinating to see experienced comedians bounce back from unexpected interruptions, […]
  6. hecklers
    Hannibal Buress Completely Owns a Drunk Fan Who Interrupts His ShowDon’t interrupt Hannibal Buress.
  7. the second comedy boom
    Welcome to the Second Comedy BoomWhy are we having a second comedy boom? Where did comedy nerds come from? And how has comedy changed?
  8. Watch Hannibal Buress Play Drums for Speedy Ortiz at SXSWHannibal Buress might have forgotten the name of the band he played with at SXSW during his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, but […]
  9. Hannibal Buress and Jimmy Kimmel Talk Cosby, Bieber, and SXSWHannibal Buress was a guest on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live in Austin, and the two talked about everything from the death threats he’s […]
  10. Hannibal Buress Is Finally Getting His Own ShowLooks like Ilana’s boo is going solo.
  11. Comedy Central Orders Eight Episodes of ‘Why? With Hannibal Buress’It looks like Hannibal Buress has finally landed his own Comedy Central series after all. According to The Wrap, Comedy Central has picked up […]
  12. chat room
    Hannibal Buress Talks to the Lucas Brothers About Being Twins and Their New Show“We have a story where we go inside Jaleel White’s mind to release the memory of Urkel. So that was definitely weed-induced.”
  13. Have Some Fun on a Boat with Hannibal BuressHannibal Buress might have retired as a restaurant reviewer, but he’s back with a brand new Comedy Camisado tour video, this time on a boat […]
  14. Abbi Has a Laughing Gas Dance Party on This Week’s ‘Broad City’If last week’s Broad City taught us anything, it’s that every episode should feature a scene of Abbi Jacobson gloriously expressing herself […]
  15. oh internet!
    Broad City’s Al Dente Dentist Is a Real Thing, and It’s DelightfulCrushed it.
  16. web series
    5 Episodes of the Broad City Web Series You Really Should WatchBefore Abbi and Ilana were on Comedy Central, they were on YouTube.
  17. Watch Hannibal Buress and Danny Brown Drive Around Bonnaroo in a Golf CartAhead of tonight’s big lineup announcement, Bonnaroo posted a brand new clip today from last year’s show featuring Hannibal Buress and rapper […]
  18. ESPN Recruits Hannibal Buress as an NBA Reporter ESPN and Grantland sent Hannibal Buress to a Cavs/Pelicans game to try to report on unibrowed superstar Anthony Davis. Unfortunately, Davis […]
  19. year in culture 2014
    The 11 Best Stand-Up Specials of 2014Chelsea Peretti, Hannibal Buress, Bill Burr, and more.
  20. Hannibal Buress Takes Over ‘The Eric Andre Show’ TonightWhen The Eric Andre Show airs tonight at 12:15am, the roles of host and sidekick will finally be reversed when Hannibal Buress takes over for a […]
  21. bill cosby
    Bill Cosby Shows Why We Need Off-Limits JokesSome earth needs to be scorched and some envelopes need to be pushed.
  22. Hannibal Buress Calls Cracker Barrel ‘The Tim Duncan of Chain Restaurants’Hannibal Buress posted a brand new restaurant review over the weekend, this time on a Cracker Barrel location in Macon, Georgia. Unlike Lamb’s […]
  23. Hannibal Buress Reviews a Restaurant in Mansfield, PA: ‘Your Restaurant’s […]Hannibal Buress is currently on his Comedy Camisado tour, so he decided to put his experience on the road to use by launching a new series of […]
  24. Aparna Nancherla to Audience Members Who Record Shows: ‘Don’t Be a Jerk’Comedian and current host of weekly New York standup show Whiplash Aparna Nancherla wrote an interesting blog post today about last night’s […]
  25. standup
    Hannibal Buress Called Bill Cosby a RapistAt a stand-up show in Philadelphia last Thursday.
  26. ‘The Eric Andre Show’s Third Season Premieres on Adult Swim November 6thThe Eric Andre Show just got a season 3 premiere date. According to a Twitter update by Andre, the Adult Swim series is slated to premiere on […]
  27. Sudeikis, Hader, and McKinnon Join Angry BirdsAlongside other people not from SNL.
  28. Hannibal Buress Talks About His New Book Deal on ‘Conan’Standup Hannibal Buress was a guest on last night’s Conan, where he told O’Brien about his recent book deal – even though he still has no idea […]
  29. the approval matrix
    Approval Matrix: Buress on Paying for DatesDepends who’s asking.
  30. Hannibal Buress and Seth Meyers Talk About Custom Jumpsuits and His ‘SNL’ […]Standup and former SNL writer Hannibal Buress was a guest on last night’s Late Night, where he explained to Meyers why he bought a custom-made […]
  31. Hannibal Buress Announces Fall Standup Tour ‘Comedy Camisado’Standup and Broad City star Hannibal Buress is going on tour. Called Comedy Camisado, the tour will make stops in Philadelphia, D.C, St. Louis, […]
  32. Watch Hannibal Buress and David Letterman Have a Chat From Letterman last night, here’s comedian Hannibal Buress making his first non-standup appearance on the show, having a delightful […]
  33. Watch a Music Video Hannibal Buress Made with Open Mike Eagle Here’s a music video for the song “Doug Stamper” from comedian Open Mike Eagle that heavily features comedian Hannibal Buress. Buress bookends […]
  34. Hannibal Buress Has Phone Sex with a British Lady on ‘Chris Gethard Show’s […] Comedian Chris Gethard’s self-titled public access/web show The Chris Gethard Show had an all-phone sex episode this week, with viewers […]
  35. radio ha-ha
    Hannibal Buress Schools a Guy About Classic Rap“Everybody knows the hippity.”
  36. Watch Hannibal Buress Make Fun of a Bunch of ’90s R&B Videos Here’s a new video comedian Hannibal Buress made for Complex TV in which he ranks his “five most unintentionally funny R&B songs” and then […]
  37. Mitch Hedberg Helped Out Hannibal Buress Early in His CareerHannibal Buress did a Reddit AMA to promote his new standup special, and he ended up telling a pretty cool story about the late Mitch Hedberg […]
  38. chat room
    Seth Rogen Talks to Comedian Hannibal BuressRogen calls Buress both the Jay Z and Saul Williams of comedy.
  39. Talking with Hannibal Buress About ‘Broad City,’ Preparing for Onscreen […]Hannibal Buress has come a long way from being a writer for SNL and 30 Rock and sometimes a crazy homeless man, enjoying a steady rise to […]
  40. Hannibal Buress Explains His Comedy Central Show Snafu on ‘Conan’After telling Conan about the time he drunkenly met Scarlett Johansson, Hannibal Buress went on to give the perfect explanation why he tweeted […]
  41. pick ups
    Comedy Central Picks Up Hannibal Buress Show [Updated]Great!
  42. Hannibal Buress Says Comedy Central Ordered 10 Episodes of His Show […]Standup Hannibal Buress announced today via Twitter that Comedy Central has picked up his new show, Unemployable, for 10 episodes. Unemployable […]
  43. Comedy Central to Debut Dave Attell’s New Standup Show and Specials from […]Comedy Central announced today that April will be “Standup Month” for the network, with a bunch of original one-hour specials debuting starting […]
  44. Hannibal Buress Talks All Things New Orleans on ‘The Tonight Show’ During his standup set on last night’s Tonight Show, Hannibal Buress explored the weird and wonderful world of New Orleans, where you can […]
  45. Here’s a Compilation of Homeless Hannibal Buress Scenes from ‘30 Rock’ In addition to being a 30 Rock writer, Hannibal Buress had the distinct honor of getting to play the show’s trademark homeless guy and was […]
  46. Hannibal Buress’s New Hour Special Premieres on Comedy Central March 29thHannibal Buress’s new standup special is on its way real soon. Splitsider has learned that it’s called Hannibal Buress: Live from Chicago; the […]
  47. Hannibal Buress’s Appearance on ‘Windy City Live’ Is the Only Justin […] Hannibal Buress is filming his Comedy Central standup special in Chicago this weekend, so yesterday he appeared on local morning talk show […]
  48. Talking to Hannibal Buress About ‘The Eric Andre Show’, His Comedy Central […]Comedian Hannibal Buress just keeps getting busier and busier. This year, he returns as co-host on Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show (which just […]
  49. Hannibal Buress Defends His Gibberish Rap Skills on ‘Totally Biased’ Standup Hannibal Buress dropped by Totally Biased last night, and ending up having to defend both his gibberish raps and Tina Fey’s workout […]
  50. Watch Hannibal Buress Try to Buy Al Madrigal’s Joke About His Dad Hannibal Buress, Al Madrigal, and Jeffrey Ross all performed at the first Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival in Austin last week, and […]
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