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  1. backstories
    How Billie Eilish Rethought the James Bond Theme Song for a New GenerationShe built a blockbuster in a bedroom, so it makes sense she’d record “No Time to Die” on a tour bus.
  2. britposting
    Billie Eilish Performs Bond Theme at the BRIT Awards With Hans ZimmerShe also won the Best International Female Solo Artist award.
  3. song review
    Billie Eilish and James Bond Are a Perfect Marriage“No Time to Die” is possibly the quietest Bond song ever, and one of the few times you get to hear Eilish raise her voice to a shout.
  4. music
    Nicolas Roeg’s Musical LegacyYou can thank him for acting roles from David Bowie, Randy Newman, and also the career of Hans Zimmer.
  5. widows
    Hans Zimmer on Steve McQueen, Widows, and Vulnerability: ‘We’re All Crazy’“If I play you a piece of music, I can’t look at you when I play it.”
  6. inspirations
    Radiohead Made a New Version of ‘Bloom’ With Hans Zimmer for Blue Planet IIRadiohead loves Sir David Attenborough just as much as you do.
  7. cue inception noise
    Watch Hans Zimmer’s Mind-Blowing Inception Medley at CoachellaBRAAAAAAM!
  8. batfleck
    Hans Zimmer, Unsatisfied with Batfleck, Really Misses Christian Bale’s Batman“The Batman that I know and the one I learned is the one that Christian did, and Ben plays it differently.”
  9. last night on late night
    Watch Hans Zimmer Preview His Coachella Set on The Late ShowAnd now you feel like a penguin.
  10. the collaboration
    Pharrell and Hans Zimmer on Hidden FiguresThe friends and frequent collaborators discuss their space-age movie score.
  11. comic-book movies
    Hans Zimmer Doesn’t Need This Shit, Won’t Score Any More Superhero FilmsBatman v Superman will be his last.
  12. right-click
    Listen to Pharrell’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 Song“Let’s get new GPSs.”
  13. composers
    Hans Zimmer Tells Juicy Stories About the Classic Films He’s ScoredHow does he feel about all those trailers that copy his Inception score? “Oh, it’s horrible!”
  14. superman vs. batman
    Hans Zimmer Hasn’t Been Asked to Score the Man of Steel Sequel Yet“There isn’t one good reason to do it, and there are so many good reasons not to do it.”
  15. trainscoring
    Hans Zimmer Used Trains As Drums for The Lone Ranger“Do you mind if … we do some unspeakable things to your train?” 
  16. buddies
    Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan Reteaming for InterstellarPrepare the BRAAAAAAAAM sounds.
  17. hans zimmer
    Hans Zimmer Will Score Man of SteelDirected by Zack Snyder, produced by co-conspirator Christopher Nolan.
  18. hans zimmer
    Listen to Samples of Hans Zimmer’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ScoreHear what exactly the Dark Knight Rises to!
  19. movies
    Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams Are Oscar’s Music SupervisorsThe Inception composer and ODB beatmaker are supervising the music for the Academy Awards.
  20. awards
    A-List Composer Won’t Submit Himself for Oscar“It’s disruptive,” says Hans Zimmer.
  21. quote machine
    Diddy the Clear Choice to Replace Simon CowellPlus: Of course Tom Hardy has had sex with a man.
  22. inception
    Will Hans Zimmer’s Piaf-Inspired Inception Score Be Eligible for an Oscar?AMPAS’s byzantine rule system disqualifies at least one great score every year. Will it happen to ‘Inception’?
  23. movies
    Want to Know a Little Inception Secret?It’s not too spoilery.
  24. batman
    The Dark Knight Once Again Eligible for Oscar SweepThe Academy has ruled that Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard’s score is, in fact, eligible for Oscar consideration.
  25. quote machine
    Brian Grazer Pretty Sure You’ll Be Impressed With Sight of Tom Hanks in a SpeedoAlso, Elizabeth Banks is boring.
  26. quote machine
    James Franco Is Living the DreamPlus: David Gordon Green on his poor taste, and Brendan Fraser on being boring!