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  1. what were the 2010s?
    ‘I Don’t Know What Myself Is’Pharrell explains why he’s better when he’s making music for other people, and his songs that defined the decade.
  2. cancellations
    Syfy Cancels Happy! and Deadly ClassThis sounds like a job for a streaming service!
  3. tv review
    Happy! Strikes a Winking Macho PoseIt’s as if Mickey Rourke’s character from Sin City had been pasted into Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  4. The Profane, Insane Plan to Make SyFy’s Happy! the Weirdest Show on TVWhat happens when you make a TV show with Christopher Meloni, Patton Oswalt, and a talking CGI unicorn?
  5. get happy
    The United Nations Released a Playlist of the World’s Happiest SongsThey snubbed Pharrell’s “Happy”!
  6. lawsuits
    Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Might Face the Wrath of Marvin Gaye’s Family, TooWill Marvin Gaye’s family strike again?
  7. grammys 2015
    Pharrell Made a Ferguson Tribute During His Grammy PerformanceThere was a lot going on.
  8. similarities
    The ‘Girl Walk’ Dancer Has Some Questions for PharrellLike: Where did he get the idea for that “Happy” video?