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  1. happy endings
    Queer Eye’s AJ Got Engaged and We’re Not Even Done Crying About His Coming OutThe subject from episode four will marry his partner, Andre.
  2. The Story Behind Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’s Brilliant EndingThe ending was one of the best parts of the sequel and the franchise in general.
  3. The Joke-Heavy, Friends-First Comedy of ‘Happy Endings’2016 was a very, very bad year no matter how you slice it. In tough times, comedy is often a form of escape that people turn to when they need […]
  4. tv reunions
    Where Are the Happy Endings Characters Now?Let David Caspe and the cast imagine.
  5. chat room
    Casey Wilson on One Mississippi and Playing the ‘Annoying Girl Next Door’“I will play those characters until the day I die, I’m sure.”
  6. vulture festival 2016
    The Happy Endings Cast on What Could’ve BeenIt was a reunion for the ages.
  7. vulture festival 2016
    Watch 3 Vulture Festival Panels on Facebook LiveStreaming this weekend for your remote enjoyment.
  8. vulture festival 2016
    Happy Endings Cast Reuniting at Vulture FestivalAh-mah-zing.
  9. revivals
    How Does the Happy Endings Cast Feel About a Potential Revival?They’re mixed.
  10. the industry
    Eliza Coupe Joins Seth Rogen’s Hulu ComedyShe’ll star alongside Josh Hutcherson.
  11. dare to dream
    Casey Wilson Talks About a Happy Endings MovieDare to dream!
  12. ahmazing
    Happy Endings Is on Hulu; 2016 Is the Year of PennyAmahzing!
  13. returning favorites
    Happy Endings Reruns Coming to VH1Make room on the DVR.
  14. With ‘Happy Endings’ Canceled, Damon Wayans Jr. May Come Back to ‘New Girl’While negotiations are still ongoing to bring Happy Endings to USA following ABC’s decision to cancel the sitcom, it looks like star Damon […]
  15. clickables
    Watch the Cast of Happy Endings Do the ‘Harlem Shake’Of course, Hip-Hop Santa kills it.
  16. scheduling
    ABC Pulls Happy Endings and Apt. 23 Off SundaysRoof stoof.
  17. tca press tour 2013
    ABC Calls Happy Endings ‘Watercooler TV’Still, don’t get your hopes up.
  18. tv ratings
    Time May Be Running Out for Happy EndingsFans, you now have permission to start freaking out.
  19. Happy Endings, Don’t Trust the B Move to SundaysUh-oh. Not amahzing.
  20. video
    Watch Happy Endings’ Happy WordplayAh, Lance Charmstrong.
  21. Last Night on Late Night: Adam Pally’s Vexing Wardrobe DecisionPlus: Jimmy Kimmel’s 2012 Clip of the Year winner, Sweet Brown, rocked out to 2 Chainz, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  22. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Hugh Jackman Has Gangnam Style DownPlus: Zachary Knighton and his crazy, Asian father-in-law staked out their raided chicken coop two nights ago, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  23. guest stars
    RuPaul Will Guest Star on Happy EndingsAs a hairdresser.
  24. last night on late night
    Tracy Morgan the GrinchPlus: Adam Pally gave Casey Wilson an apology helmet for the concussion, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  25. Watch an American Horror StoryHappy Endings MashupWe’d watch it.
  26. downton abbey
    Who Else on TV Could Dan Stevens Woo If He Does Leave Downton Abbey?L.L.D.S. (Ladies Love Dan Stevens.)
  27. last night on late night
    Axl Rose Endorsed Obama on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’Plus: Elisha Cuthbert and Conan purred and clawed at each other until Rainn Wilson barked, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  28. look alikes
    Your Guide to Tuesday’s Very Similar SitcomsQuippy, quippy, quippy, with a romance with a wounded guy and a standout supporting cast.
  29. chat room
    Eliza Coupe on Happy Endings, Fassbender’s Penis“I’m still in my own delusional world that I will get a real live showing of that amazing piece someday.”
  30. happy endings
    The Cast of Happy Endings Did a Live Show!Hi, Fred Savage!
  31. happy endings
    Watch a Happy Endings Gag ReelSo many goofs!
  32. happy endings
    Is That Diane Keaton or Elisha Cuthbert?Happiest ending ever.
  33. happy endings
    Happy Endings Gets Mashed Up, Auto-TunedHappy Endings gets Internet’d.
  34. adam pally
    Watch Happy Endings’ Adam Pally Play NBA 2K12 With Kumail NajianiHe shoots, he scores, and the crowd goes wild because they all love Happy Endings as much as we do, hopefully!
  35. happy endings
    See a Disco-Inspired Photo From the Set of Happy EndingsAnd we die.
  36. tca 2012
    A Brief Chat With Happy Endings’ Adam PallyHe likes it when you tell him he looks thinner.
  37. casey wilson
    Watch Reggie Watts Duet With Casey WilsonThis needs to be on Happy Endings.
  38. substitutions
    What Summer Teen TV Show Should You Be Watching?If you like The Good Wife, you’ll love Awkward. Really.
  39. emmys 2012
    Showrunner Survey: Happy Endings’ David Caspe Just Loves SpringsteenOmar and Zalman King are both amahzing in his mind.
  40. jokes
    Happy Endings Had a Backup for MandonnaPun-y cover bands know no limits.
  41. upfronts 2012
    ABC Will Be Better Off With Its New ScheduleUnpacking the network’s new schedule.
  42. upfronts 2012
    ABC Fall Schedule: Spreading Success AroundThe network is moving buzz-worthy shows to different nights.
  43. upfronts 2012
    ABC Renewed Happy EndingsIt was a good day.
  44. upfronts 2012
    Network Status Update: How Did ABC Pick New Hits But Still End Up in Trouble?The problem could be a lack of identity.
  45. annals of flannel
    A Salute to TV’s Sweatshirt BoyfriendsThey are the broken-in jeans of romance.
  46. overnights
    Happy Endings Recap: L-U-V MandonnaSo should Dave and Penny get together or what?
  47. happy endings
    The Vulture Transcript: Happy Endings’ Showrunner Answers Your Questions David Caspe talks about how many abreves is too many and the cliff-hanger in tonight’s season-two finale.
  48. video
    Watch the First Four Minutes of Happy Endings’ Season FinaleThe return of Derek!
  49. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Eliza Coupe Does Sexy ‘Bend and Snap’Plus: Kristen Schaal might have prank called a celebrity from her cell phone, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  50. Ask the Happy Endings Showrunner Anything!We’re open to suggestion.
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