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Happy Trails

  1. happy trails
    Jake Johnson Says New Girl Is Probably Done With Season 6“I think after this season it’s done.”
  2. happy trails
    Patrick Stewart Is Done Making X-Men Movies Because Logan Is Just That GoodRetiring in (bloody, hyper-violent) style.
  3. happy trails
    Connie Britton Leaves Nashville Fans With Heartfelt Coda After That Big EpisodeTime to sing another song.
  4. happy trails
    Michael Bay Teases Transformers 5 With Appropriately Explosive Farewell LetterTransformers: The Last Knight will be chock-full of explosive … ideas.
  5. happy trails
    Portlandia Renewed for 8th and Final SeasonHappy trails.
  6. happy trails
    Workaholics to Officially End After Season 7“It was an incredible run but we’ve decided to leave on a HIGH note. Get it?”
  7. happy trails
    Schumer: Inside Amy Schumer Is ‘Not Canceled’She tweeted the news in the midst of the controversy involving Kurt Metzger.
  8. happy trails
    Maron’s Season 4 Finale Will Also Be Its Series Finale — Um, WTF?“I just feel like it’s done. And I’m thrilled about it.”
  9. happy trails
    Workaholics Is Mostly Likely Done After Season 7“We kind of think now’s a good time to put it to bed.”
  10. happy trails
    Jessica Williams Says Teary Good-bye to TDSShe also did one last segment.