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  1. josh radnor
    Josh Radnor Goes Back to School With Elizabeth Olsen in Liberal ArtsIt’s about an old guy and a college girl. Where have we heard that one before?
  2. movie review
    Movie Review: Happythankyoumoreplease Tests the Limits of Josh Radnor’s CharmThe ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star’s writer-director debut is an upbeat rom-com and the work of a blessed man.
  3. party lines
    Gabourey Sidibe at HappythankyoumorepleasePlus: Malin Akerman, Josh Radnor, Pablo Schreiber …
  4. chat room
    Pablo Schreiber Defends His Character’s Character on Lights Out“I’ve been hearing all this stuff about Johnny being the villain of the piece, but these are tough times.”
  5. sundance
    Sundance Goes Populist, and Downsizing Drama The Company Men Is the Festival’s First HitRebels and downsizing dramas are in this year.
  6. the industry
    Jon Hamm Runs This TownPlus: a raging Lombardi.