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  1. podcasts
    The Curtain Falls on HarmontownDan Harmon reflects on the end of his long-running live show and podcast.
  2. Dan Harmon on the New Documentary Harmontown“I knew I had to look bad or else I was going to look very bad.”
  3. The Unceasing Honesty of Dan HarmonFew people would relish the opportunity to have their lives documented in the midst of a low point peppered with job loss, substance abuse, […]
  4. Jack Black, John Oliver, Gillian Jacobs, and More Show Up in the Trailer […]Last year it was announced that Community creator Dan Harmon would be touring his live show/podcast Harmontown around the country then turning […]
  5. Diving Into the Cult of Dan Harmon in ‘Harmontown’When introducing the documentary Harmontown at the South by Southwest Film Festival, director Neil Berkeley (Beauty is Embarrassing) described […]
  6. Dan Harmon Is Doing a QVC-Style Streaming Garage SaleCommunity creator Dan Harmon is hosting a streaming garage sale in the vein of QVC with himself and friends from his podcast Harmontown […]
  7. trailer mix
    Harmontown Trailer: Dan Harmon’s Real Community“I need to form a relationship with the audience everywhere I go.”
  8. Watch a Trailer for the Dan Harmon Documentary ‘Harmontown’ Last year, after having been fired from his TV show Community, creator Dan Harmon took his live show/podcast Harmontown on a nationwide tour […]
  9. This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Maria Bamford Bonds with ‘Tom Leykis’, Paul […]The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. […]
  10. the fucking american dream
    Dan Harmon Got Rehired for Community for the Same Reason He Got FiredIt really is about six seasons and a movie.
  11. Dan Harmon Apologizes for What He Said About ‘Community’ Season 4After going off on a rant about the latest season of Community on his podcast Harmontown, Community creator Dan Harmon took to Twitter and […]
  12. damn!
    Dan Harmon Watched Community Season Four and Hated It a Whole Lot“It’s like flipping through Instagrams and watching your girlfriend just blow a million [other guys].”
  13. Report: Dan Harmon Confirms He’s Been Asked Back to ‘Community’A report came in earlier this month that Sony is interested in having Dan Harmon to return to Community for the show’s fifth season, and now, […]
  14. The Annotated Wisdom of Dan HarmonDan Harmon has a lot of stuff in his head, stuff that he used to create and run three seasons of Community as well as found Channel 101 and […]
  15. Watch Dan Harmon’s Speech at the ‘Community’ Convention Dan Harmon is still really, really good at talking about himself.
  16. Here’s What It’s Like to Spend 36 Hours with Dan Harmon“When any television show is lionized for being ‘smart,’ someone’s laughing all the way to the bank — some company … That there’s a […]
  17. Talking to Dan Harmon About Harmontown, ‘Community’ Season 4, and His New […]It’s been a turbulent year for Dan Harmon. After being ousted from his position as showrunner of the beloved but Nielsen-challenged NBC sitcom […]
  18. Dan Harmon and Jason Sudeikis Prank Called Chevy Chase as Joe Biden Last […] Community creator Dan Harmon’s whirlwind tour across America with his live show Harmontown is in progress, and at a show in Brooklyn last […]
  19. Dan Harmon’s First Book ‘You’ll Be Perfect When You’re Dead’ Drops TomorrowCommunity and Channel 101 mastermind Dan Harmon is releasing his first book, a collection of the best writings from his amazing blog, “Dan […]
  20. There Will Be a Documentary About Dan Harmon’s Live Show/Podcast […] Community creator Dan Harmon is taking his live show/podcast Harmontown on a nationwide tour beginning January 10th, and it was just […]