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  1. Harris Wittels’s @humblebrag Twitter Account Has Been HackedHe started the account anonymously in 2010.
  2. The Harris Wittels Episode of ‘WTF’ Provides Fascinating Insight into a […]Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. Comedian, podcaster, television […]
  3. Stephanie Wittels Wachs Talks About Her “Magical Boy Wonder” Brother […]To promote her new book about her late brother Harris Wittels – titled Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful: A Tragicomic Memoir of Genius, […]
  4. ‘Analyze Phish’ Took a Sharp Turn Towards the Tragic in the Painfully […]Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. When I was a guest on Harris Wittels […]
  5. The First Annual Harris Phest Honors a True Comic Original Some deaths remain fresh wounds that refuse to heal or dissipate with time. They remain eternally painful. The deaths of Johnny Cash and […]
  6. Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Mike Schur, and More Remember Harris WittelsAhead of what would be his 33rd birthday this Thursday, The Guardian has a wonderful piece out today about the late Harris Wittels, who died in […]
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    Harris Wittels’s Comedy Legacy to Be Honored at ‘Harris Phest’Wittels died February 19, 2015. He was 30 years old.
  8. Harris Wittels’s Mom Speaks Out: ‘The Stigma Associated with Addiction […]The Huffington Post published a beautiful but heartbreaking post by Harris Wittels’s mother Maureen today called “The Loss Of My Son Harris […]
  9. The Incredible Chemistry of ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ For fans of podcasts, since 2009 Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang Bang has been at the center of the auditory comedy universe. And while there […]
  10. On the Anniversary of His Death, Inside Harris Wittels’ Final Intimate, […] One year ago today Harris Wittels, a co-executive producer of NBC’s Parks and Recreation and standup, was found dead from a heroin overdose […]
  11. On ‘Analyze Phish’, an Epic Voyage Into the Heart of Harris Wittels and […] Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. I’ve already written a fair amount […]
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    Aziz Ansari Remembers Harris Wittels Through His Digital Footprint“The person just died, now I have to ‘delete’ him?”
  13. ‘Farts and Procreation’ and the Transcendent Power of SillinessPod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time For people not on its peculiar […]
  14. The Enduring Power of Harris Wittels’ Final ‘You Made It Weird’ AppearancePod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. There is nothing that is not […]
  15. Watch ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’s Tribute to Harris WittelsNot long after posting a compilation of Harris Wittels Vines, Sarah Silverman Program co-creator Rob Schrab uploaded a new video yesterday […]
  16. Rob Schrab Compiled All of Harris Wittels’ Vines into One VideoYesterday, Sarah Silverman Program co-creator and Community/Parks and Rec director Rob Schrab paid tribute to yet another hilarious side of […]
  17. Read a Beautiful Eulogy for Harris Wittels by His Sister StephanieIt’s been nearly two weeks since writer and comedian Harris Wittels tragically died at the age of 30, and since then there’s been an outpouring […]
  18. This New Music Video Featuring Harris Wittels Is Pretty WonderfulHarris Wittels wasn’t just a standup, writer/producer, and frequent podcaster – he was also one-third of the band Don’t Stop or We’ll Die […]
  19. Our Favorite Harris Wittels Podcast AppearancesThe comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. […]
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    Listen to Harris Wittels’s Last ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ PodcastScott Aukerman released it in his honor.
  21. Listen to the Final ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ with Harris WittelsScott Aukerman originally hadn’t planned to release the latest episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring Adam Scott, Chelsea Peretti, and Harris […]
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    Aziz Ansari’s Remembrance of Harris Wittels Will Break Your Heart“I’ve been devastated.”
  23. Remembering Harris WittelsThe comedy community was dealt a huge blow yesterday when comedian and Parks and Recreation writer/producer Harris Wittels was found dead in […]
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    My Favorite Harris Wittels JokeThe comedian died last night at age 30. 
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    Harris Wittels Dead in Potential Drug OverdoseHe was 30.
  26. RIP Harris WittelsHeartbreaking news: Earlier this afternoon, comedian and Parks and Recreation co-executive producer Harris Wittels was found dead in his home […]
  27. Harris Wittels and Armen Weitzman on Making Their Short Film Directorial […]A group friends going on a mushroom trip sounds like it would make for an uproarious comedy, but Harris Wittels and Armen Weitzman’s new short […]
  28. Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die Released Their First Full-Length Album TodayPower piano pop-rock trio Don’t Stop or We’ll Die announced today that they’ve just put out a new album called Gorgeous, their first […]
  29. Watch the Sarah Silverman Pilot That NBC Didn’t Pick Up In 2012, NBC passed on Sarah Silverman’s pitot Susan 313, about a woman moving back into her old apartment following a breakup. This morning, […]
  30. NBC Buys Comedies from Harris Wittels and Dan MazerNBC is developing two new comedies for next season from well-known comedy writers. The first is an untitled show from Harris Wittels, a writer […]
  31. The 11 Best ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Characters and ImpersonationsAnd so here we are, the day of the second season premiere of Comedy Bang! Bang!, the television show based on the funny podcast and former live […]
  32. Talking to Armen Weitzman About MTV’s ‘Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous’It’s been a busy year for Armen Weitzman. The comedy actor/writer joined the cast of the Yahoo! web series Burning Love for its third season, […]
  33. Scott Aukerman Finally Explains the Origins of Harris Wittels’s Beloved […]“Harris Wittels… asked if he could debut sort of an anti-comedy character. The character was ‘Jack From The Lumberyard,’ and what he wanted to […]
  34. Kevin from ‘The Office’ Is Getting a New Show TooFollowing in the footsteps of his fellow Office stars Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, and Craig Robinson, Brian Baumgartner, who plays slow […]
  35. Harris Wittels’s Fancy Celebrity Friends Don’t Have Time for Him and His […] As if Harris Wittels wasn’t already putting all other 20somethings to shame with his busy career as a standup, sitcom writer (splitting his […]
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    Let the Parks and Recreation Cast Explain the Humblebrag“It’s such a drag having such a huge dong.”
  37. Humblebrags, Now In Book FormIf you liked @humblebrag, the twitter account by Parks and Rec writer Harris Wittels about people bragging with faux humility, there’s a decent […]
  38. Harris Wittels Signs Overall Deal with Universal TVIt seems like Harris’s Foam Corner is going to get a lot foamier. (In that sentence foam represented success, I guess?) Harris just signed a […]
  39. Two High-Ranking ‘Community’ Producers Leave for FoxVulture is reporting Community Executive Producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan have signed a big deal to create television for 20th […]
  40. Harris Wittels and June Diane Raphael Have Joined Sarah Silverman’s NBC […]Sarah Silverman’s NBC pilot pulled off a one-two punch of great casting today with Harris Wittels (Parks and Rec writer and Humblebrag creator) […]
  41. Parks & Rec’s Harris Wittels on Humblebrags and Internet CommentsThis AV Club interview with Parks & Recreation writer Harris Wittels delves into the genesis of the Humblebrag Twitter account, back in the day […]
  42. Earwolf Challenge Update: Week SevenThe Earwolf Challenge, the weekly contest to crown one amateur podcast as the Earwolf network’s newest show, is barreling towards it dramatic […]
  43. Harris Wittels Breaks Down the All-Time Greatest HumblebraggartsHarris Wittels, Parks and Rec writer and curator of the infamous @humblebrag, has a new column on Grantland in which he’ll be writing up a […]
  44. Talking to Parks and Rec’s Harris WittelsJewcy has a nice interview with Harris Wittels, writer for Parks and Rec and creator of @humblebrag. Here he is on the positive vibes that […]
  45. @Humblebrag Tweeter Revealed as Parks and Rec Writer Harris WittelsYou may be familiar with @humblebrag, the Twitter account dedicated to retweeting that Twitter classic, the statement of false humility aimed […]
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    Industry Roundup: Farrell, Waltz, Jovovich, BloomPlus: Christina Aguilera to tour this summer.