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Harry Connick Jr

  1. thanks! it’s giving
    Celina Smith and Baldy Connick Jr. Sing Together At Last in Annie Live! PreviewDuring the 95th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  2. theater review
    Harry Connick Jr. Brings the Tick-Tick-Tick of Cole Porter Back to BroadwayAlso some awkward theatrics—but the core of the evening is the de-lovely band and that voice.
  3. last night on late night
    Sandra Bullock Sure Has a Weird Way of Telling Actors They Got the RoleAs fondly remembered by Harry Connick Jr.
  4. harry connick jr rises
    Harry Connick Jr. to Sub for Billy Bush on TodayThis coming Monday and Tuesday.
  5. chat room
    Harry Connick Jr. on His New Daytime Show, Harry“I think it’d be pretty cool to have Dick Van Dyke on the show.”
  6. music
    Connick Jr., Jackson to Co-Host Benefit ConcertThe former American Idol judges will co-host Louisiana Rising: A Benefit Concert for Flood Relief on Labor Day.
  7. tv
    How Harry Connick Jr. Made American Idol Fun AgainBy making it about … music?
  8. New Idol Judge Harry Connick Jr. Jabs Ex-Judge Randy JacksonDawg, you just got served.
  9. Look at These Moderately Happy American Idol Judges Just Hanging OutWho’s actually smiling?
  10. reality tv judges
    Idol Confirms J.Lo, Harry Connick Jr.And Randy Jackson will also be back, officially.
  11. reality tv judges
    Harry Connick Jr. Will Judge American IdolIt’s been confirmed.
  12. reality tv judges
    American Idol Mulling Harry Connick Jr. As a Judge NowAlso: They’re reportedly not interested in more female judges.
  13. stage dive
    Theater Review: Unfogging On a Clear Day You Can See ForeverA problem musical, recast.
  14. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Adams, MortensenPlus: Maggie Grace and Guy Pearce sign on for outer-space thriller.
  15. american idol
    Is Chris Isaak American Idol’s New Simon?Poor Bret Michaels is out of the running.
  16. overnights
    American Idol Recap: Sinatra Takes Another Man DownThe top five become four after Harry Connick Jr.’s tutorials.
  17. heroes
    Harry Connick Jr. Is Ready, Willing, and Able to Accept Your PraiseHe admits, “I’m pleased with the way I handled the situation.”
  18. australia
    Harry Connick Jr.’s Non-Blackface MadTV Sketch the Same As Blackface Jackson 5 Tribute, Claim Incorrect PeopleHarry Connick Jr. is being branded a hypocrite by idiots.
  19. australia
    Harry Connick Jr. No Fan of Australian Blackface Michael Jackson Tribute“If they turned up like that in the United States, it’d be like ‘Hey Hey There’s No More Show.’”
  20. the take
    Is Harry Connick’s New Musical Already Falling Apart?With big money backing the musical, will the departure of Kathleen Marshall make a difference?
  21. the industry
    Demetri Martin Will Make Love, Not War for Ang LeePlus: Maggie Gyllenhaal replaces Toni Collette in Sam Mendes’s Eggers-penned relationship comedy.
  22. the industry
    Harry Connick and Kathleen Marshall Say ‘Oh, Kay!’ to BroadwayPlus: HBO finally has a new series we’re excited about!
  23. the industry
    Fifty Percent of Olsen Twins to Appear in FilmElton John, Dolly Parton, and more
  24. the industry
    All Those Nuts You Sent to CBS Paid Off: ‘Jericho’ Might Return