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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

  1. draco malfoy’s twitter wallpaper
    Hogwarts Finally Hooks Up the InternetHermione’s Facebook page, Hagrid’s iPhone, and more!
  2. draco malfoy’s twitter wallpaper
    Hogwarts Finally Hooks Up the InternetHermione’s Facebook page, Hagrid’s iPhone, and more!
  3. harry potter
    Daniel Radcliffe Aces Interview With Japanese TVOn the unlikely chance that you needed even more evidence of Daniel Radcliffe’s unflappability in unconventional interview situations, here it is.
  4. harry potter
    Half-Blood Prince Prints Money$104 million in a day!
  5. blockbusters
    Millions of Harry Potter Fans Are Really Cranky Today’Harry Potter 6’ raked in $22.2 million at midnight screenings last night.
  6. the vatican
    Harry Potter 6 Gets Thumbs-up From VaticanSays the Vatican newspaper: ‘Harry Potter 6’ is the “best in the series.”
  7. harry potter
    So Why Is the New Harry Potter Movie Rated PG, Anyway?“Scary images, some violence, language, and mild sensuality” — ha!
  8. harry potter
    Harry Potter Stars Given First Degree by Fourth-GraderYou’ve read our account of Daniel Radcliffe’s interview with an intrepid 11-year-old reporter. Now read Danielle Azzolina’s version.
  9. news reel
    Harry Potter Magically Conjures Decent-Size Party Budget for Half-Blood Prince PremiereIn movies today, you’re either ‘Harry Potter,’ or you’re broke.
  10. harry potter
    Radcliff and Watson at Harry Potter PremiereEmma Watson and Rupert Grint may have momentarily distracted the world by flashing their underwear and contracting swine flu, but Daniel Radcliffe went on a charm offensive.
  11. voldemort
    Rupert Grint Survives Bout With Swine FluSee, kids, this is EXACTLY why your parents tell you to pay attention during your Defense Against the Dark Arts class.
  12. notable quotables
    Paul Dergarabedian Catches PottermaniaMuggles everywhere, rejoice!
  13. awesome
    Harry Potter: The Musical!It’s no ‘Once More, With Feeling,’ but then again, what is?
  14. ‘Robot Fighting’ Delays Harry Potter’s Imax RunParamount’s deal with Imax for ‘Transformers 2’ is apparently the cause. But Michael Bay promises to make it worth it.
  15. trailer mix
    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer: Parental Guidance SuggestedDeath Eaters! Fire! Noseless Ralph Fiennes! How many small, parental-guardianless children will this movie irreversibly scar this summer?
  16. scheduling
    Warner Bros. to Reprint New Half-Blood Prince Posters All Over AgainWarner Bros. has moved the release date of this summer’s ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ up by two days, to Wednesday, July 15.
  17. trailer mix
    Japanese Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer Good Enough to Be Rated PG-13All Death Eater attacks intact, fiery, totally scary-looking.
  18. harry potter
    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Slapped With PG RatingDoes this mean it’s not as dark as we thought? Or are children just more used to violent, terrifying imagery?
  19. apropos of nothing
    Fox and Warner Bros. Besieged by Steamed ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Harry Potter’ FansAngry over lawsuits and release-date switches, geeks makes the suits feel the pain.
  20. countdown
    Eat Slugs, Warner Bros.: ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ Moved to July 2009The studio has apparently realized they have no tent-pole movies for summer 2009.
  21. trailer mix
    ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ Trailer: The Sorrows of Young VoldemortHero Fiennes-Tiffin, Ralph Fiennes’s nephew, looks just as creepy as we’d hoped as li’l Voldemort.
  22. the industry
    Jennifer Lopez Elected ‘Governess’Plus: Young Voldemort revealed in our daily industry news roundup.
  23. apropos of nothing
    Next Harry Potter Movie Will Be Exactly Like ‘Trainspotting’“There’s a fair amount of sexual energy and drug parallels,” says Daniel Radcliffe.
  24. the take
    David Yates Will Direct Seventh Harry Potter Film, Reveals Tangentially Related AuthorLois Lowry thought she was writing a simple blog post. The Pottersphere proved her wrong.
  25. the industry
    Idris Elba and Cuba Gooding Jr. Join the Juice CrewPlus industry news on Andy Serkis, Alan Jackson, and Emmy Rossum.
  26. pop culture’s bravest
    Year in Review: J.K. Rowling, PuppetmasterA look back at the year in Harry Potter.
  27. the industry
    Sylvester Stallone and Viggo Mortensen to Make Manliest Alcoholic-Poet Movie Ever?Plus: How Jamie Foxx plans to annoy us next!
  28. the industry
    Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban Mount Blonde, Ambitious TourPlus: News about Charles S. Dutton!
  29. apropos of nothing
    Rejoice! Jim Broadbent Is Horace Slughorn in the New ‘Harry Potter’ Movie!This is the biggest no-brainer in the history of casting, so thank you, Warner Brothers and David Yates, for not screwing it up.
  30. pop trash
    It Turns Out There Are More ‘Harry Potter’ Books, Thanks to Asian Copyright InfringersA publishing success story from a Surrealist alternate universe.
  31. countdown
    Casting the Next Harry Potter MovieLet’s find roles for the six or so British and Irish actors who haven’t already been employed by the Harry Potter series.