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  1. the industry
    Cobra’s Gonna Be Working Overtime: New G.I. Joe Spinoff in the WorksIn addition to the other G.I. Joe spinoff currently in the works at Paramount.
  2. misogyny
    Rey Still Doesn’t Have Star Wars: Monopoly Token Due to ‘Insufficient Interest’#WheresRey?
  3. unlikely musicals
    Monopoly the Musical Gunning for Broadway“I am not rolling away my shot.”
  4. summer movie preview 2016
    A Guide to the Expanding Universe of Hollywood’s Cinematic UniversesIt’s a pandemic.
  5. shared universes
    The Hasbro Toys Cinematic Universe Is Coming, and Its Writers Room Is Crazy GoodMichael Chabon! Brian K. Vaughan! Nicole Perlman!
  6. the games people play
    Hungry Hungry Hippos Movie Actually HappeningIt’ll be a cartoon.
  7. the industry
    What Hollywood Can Learn From the End of Universal’s Ill-Fated Hasbro DealThe pact was meant to signal the end of the movie star. Nothing got made, and now Candy Land is at Sony with Adam Sandler.
  8. Some Casting Predictions for Adam Sandler’s Candy LandGood god. Adam Sandler is probably going to star in a movie based on Candy Land. Yes, the children’s board game. Considering who’s worked with […]
  9. ouija the movie
    McG Competing to Direct OuijaThe most surprisingly intense-sounding board game film of 2012.
  10. the industry
    Lautner Drops Max Steel for Stretch ArmstrongIn the battle of the toy movies, Hasbro won with its faster track record.
  11. merch
    Here’s a G.I. Joe Movie We Can Get BehindWe don’t even really mind that it appropriated our ‘Transformers’ post from a few years back!
  12. the industry
    Matt Damon to Possibly Fall in Love With RobotPlus: Yogi Bear’s back.