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  1. hats!
    Diane Keaton Takes You Inside Her Own Personal HaberdasheryFantastic hats and how to wear them.
  2. sundance 2020
    Ethan Hawke Finds Out His Role In Tesla Was Originally Meant for Jack NicholsonHe reacts as anyone would: with an impression.
  3. hats!
    Barack Obama in Heated Custody Battle for … Aretha Franklin’s Inauguration HatTo be fair, it’s a very iconic hat.
  4. fashion
    Joni Mitchell Spotted Out in Fabulous HatShe celebrated her 75th birthday in true Joni style.
  5. hats
    Howdy, Enjoy This Photo of Brendan Fraser in a Cowboy HatBrendan Fraser is in FX’s Trust. Brendan Fraser has a nice hat.
  6. I Have Created the World’s First Top Hat; All You Small-Hatted Dullards […] Hear me. Hear me, you worms who do not yet know the extent of your own inferiority. I know that you can see me (for how could you not?), but […]
  7. hats
    Liam Gallagher and Idris Elba’s Hat Feud Is Over. Long Live Their Hat Feud!Liam says Idris has “accepted” he was “in the wrong.”
  8. hats
    Caitlyn Jenner Apologizes for Wearing MAGA HatIf you’d like to know why Jenner wore a MAGA hat, allow her to provide a lengthy, rather strange explanation.
  9. vulture lists
    An Ode to Mandy Moore’s Glorious Hats on This Is UsShe’s got hats on hats on hats.
  10. mother russia
    Alec Baldwin Taunts Donald Trump Again With HatNew year, new jeers.
  11. How Music Is Controlling the Hosts on WestworldAnd giving them little cues.
  12. hats
    BBC Picks Up Peaky Blinders For Seasons 4 and 5Two more seasons with the Shelbys!
  13. hats
    You’re Goddamn Right the Breaking Bad Hat Is Headed to the SmithsonianIt will be joined by cups from Los Pollos Hermanos.
  14. bald pate fashion plate
    Watch David Koechner Model Exotic Hats With Julie KlausnerSome delicate fashions for the cowboy-hat-loving Anchorman 2 star.
  15. hats off
    A Taxonomy of Ashton Kutcher’s Hat HistoryFrom beanies to the full-brimmed to hats celebrating the Chicago Bears.
  16. summer is coming
    Peter Dinklage Mourns the End of Scarf and Hat WeatherDinklage loves scarves as much as Tyrion loves whores.
  17. I Would Happily Watch Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson Bicker All Day Long New Era caps have struck upon a truly beautiful way to advertise their hats: get two beloved stars of NBC sitcoms and have them argue about […]
  18. clickables
    See Beyoncé Rocking a Goofy the Dog HatSpotted at Disneyland Paris: Bey, her nephew, and this hat.
  19. hilfs
    From James Cameron’s Hat CollectionWe think you’ll agree that this is a pretty terrific hat.
  20. hats
    Sean Paul, Hat Designer, Takes Fashion Week by Storm“I’ve done a couple of designs, and I’m planning to do some hats for next year.”
  21. hats
    What Was the Deal With Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Skull Cap Last Night?Seriously, what the heck was up with that thing?
  22. quote machine
    Clint Eastwood Hated Your High-School Production of DroodPlus: 50 Cent overcomes his addictions.
  23. art candy
    Artists Nicolai Howalt and Trine Søndergaard’s Foggy IdeaWe like to think of Nicolai Howalt and Trine Søndergaard’s The Valley Beat I (Remise dalen I) as The Mist II, where (in an ironic twist!) these Danish hunters (surreally photographed prowling the countryside by this Danish husband-and-wife team) become the hunted.
  24. apropos of nothing
    Honestly, ‘Entertainment Weekly,’ Is This the Smartest Man in Hollywood?Worst. List. Ever.
  25. quote machine
    Zooey Deschanel Outlines Nerd Escape PlanPlus: Wyclef says Lauryn Hill is nuts!
  26. chat room
    Clash Legend Mick Jones on His Crazy Fans, His New Album, and Why He Didn’t Download ‘In Rainbows’Jones chatted with Vulture as his new band prepares to play their first-ever New York show at the HighLine Ballroom next Wednesday in support of their first (official, physical) album, The Last Post.
  27. apropos of nothing
    Update: Ghostface Killah’s Hat Now on eBayAs anticipated, Ghostface is indeed accepting PayPal.
  28. apropos of nothing
    Ghostface Killah to Sell Hat on eBayGhostface Killah has announced plans to sell a hat on eBay, say reports.