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Haunted Houses

  1. Welcome to Our Extremely Tasteful, Dangerously Haunted Dream Home, by […] You are cordially invited to an elegant housewarming function at the home of Colette and Tad Newman this Saturday. Address: 666 Hemlock […]
  2. This Haunted House Lets You Fight ZombiesBe your best Rick Grimes.
  3. supercuts
    Here’s a Supercut of Haunted Houses in Movies to Freak You Out Before HalloweenFeaturing the terrifying homes from Amityville, Babadook, and The Conjuring, among many, many others.
  4. Visiting Hell: Inside a Christian Haunted HouseAn essay from Charles D’Ambrosio’s brilliant new collection.
  5. spooky scary
    Syfy Buys Horror Project The WoodsGood. American Horror Story needs a rival.
  6. Billy Eichner and Rachel Dratch Confronted Their Worst Pop Culture Fears With Halloween on the horizon, Rachel Dratch joined Billy on the Street’s Billy Eichner for an adventure through a classic New York haunted […]