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  1. star wars
    Disney Is Making Wow, Just So Many New Star Wars ThingsIncluding two Mandalorian spinoffs, a Patty Jenkins feature, and the return of Hayden Christensen.
  2. romantic comedies
    The 7 Most Surreal Things That Happen in Little ItalyLove in the time of marinara sauce.
  3. little italy
    Love in the Time of Mozzarella: See Emma Roberts in a Clip From Little ItalySee it in select theaters and on demand September 21.
  4. trailer mix
    Little Italy Trailer: Mamma Mia! That’s a Pizza Rom-Com!Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen star as pizza-crossed lovers.
  5. In Defense of Hayden Christensen’s Performance in the Star Wars Prequels#JusticeforHayden
  6. quarter-life crises
    Hayden Christensen Quit Movies After Star Wars“If this time away is gonna be damaging to my career, then so be it.”
  7. what might have been
    Hayden Christensen’s Force Awakens Almost CameoSpoiler alert? 
  8. trailer park
    Outcast Trailer: Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen Go MedievalWeird hairdos and incomprehensible accents: check.
  9. the law
    Hayden Christensen Did Not Conceive Royal PainsChristensen’s lawsuit alleging as much has been thrown out.
  10. trailer mix
    Vanishing on 7th Street Trailer, or a Flashlight Probably Can’t Protect You From EvilOr, something scary is hiding in the dark.
  11. the industry
    Steven Spielberg Takes Up PiracyPlus: Blake Lively! Hayden Christensen! Martin Freeman!
  12. the industry
    Hugh Grant and Zhang Ziyi Speak the Language of LovePlus: Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen return to Broadway in spring 2009.
  13. the industry
    Seems Like Everyone Loves New York Except Woody AllenA whole constellation of acting and directing talent turns out for ‘New York, I Love You.’
  14. quote machine
    ‘The Price Is Right,’ Ancient Mythology — It’s All the Same to Drew CareyPlus: Tom Wilkinson!
  15. the industry
    Kate Winslet Is the New Nicole Kidman in ‘The Reader’Plus: Who will play B.A. Baracus?
  16. the industry
    Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel Get ‘Nailed’ in David O. Russell’s NextAnd it’s co-written with Kristin Gore!